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Thursday, 25 August 2016

67th Dubrovnik Summer Festival Concludes Another Magical Summer

Tonight the 67th edition of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival officially comes to an end with the closing ceremonies, and it was yet another successful conclusion to the numerous events that take place every summer from July 10th to August 25th. I've personally never been to Dubrovnik to check this summer festival out, yet. During my last tour along the coast I was in Split for a few days which is only about a 4 hour ride away, and was going to go for even just the one day, but I was on a tight schedule and couldn't squeeze it in. It's still on my list though because it'll still be around for quite some time anyway. Also the cool thing is, as just one example, if you decided to watch one of the outdoor plays/theatre groups that even come from Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Czechia, Italy, Hungary, Paris, London and elsewhere perform, it's good to know that all the restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes are still all open with late hours so you can still go for drinks afterwards, or before, whatever.

Dubrovnik has a rich, eventful and interesting history, playing an important role in Croatian literature, culture, arts and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Croatian version name of Dubrovnik comes from the very dense forest of oak trees called Dubrava that used to surround the old town in the middle ages. During the times of the medieval Croatian Kingdom, King Michael Krešimir II (reign 949-969) and King Stephen Držislav (reign 969–997) and their powerful Bans/Viceroys Pribina and Godemir, Croatian navy ships were known to have frequently sailed from and porting at Dubrovnik, as they were in conflict with the fleets of Saracens and Muslim Arabs attempting to cross and invade for women and children sex slaves and dancers from the Italian peninsula of Gargano in 968-969. Croatian King Stjepan I in 1050 made a land grant along the coast that extended the boundaries of Dubrovnik to Zaton, with economic annd peace treaties following. Dubrovnik nobles and citizenry in the 13th-14th century defended against Serb attacks and later from a growing colonial Venetian presence in the Adriatic (but they paid tribute to the common Croato-Hungarian state during the reigns of Croatian Bans/Viceroys and other aristocratic high officer nobles...Frankopan, Hrvatinić, Kačić, Lacković, Kurjaković, Karlović, Gusić, Šubić, Zrinski et al), with the final fall of the Dubrovnik Republic came the arrival of Napoleon's army, then decades of Austrian rule, then once again part of the Croatian Triune Kingdom. (ie; the free royal and historical Croatian lands in the 19th century united, even if still administratively a part of the larger Austro-Hungarian Empire), finally again in the 20th-21st century, and especially after the unsuccessful 7 month Seige of Dubrovnik and it's civilians in 1991 by combined Serb-Yugoslav forces, today it is back once again as a center of arts, culture and a view to the past as a part of an independent and free Croatia.

Probably many people have never heard of this annual summer long festival so that's why I'm doing ths one, there's just too many events and happenings to cover though so this is just basically a repost from the 63rd edition a few years ago, You can click onto the links, Google around or just visit the official website to find out more information...

A scene from the opening fireworks ceremonies earlier this summer.

*repost from 2013

There's lots of happenings that go on every summer in Dubrovnik, various music festivals, arts and film festivals. The six week long "Dubrovnik Summer Festival" is the one that has been grabbing peoples attention the most over the years. Enough so that even many distinguished high profile people have been reserving their seats and hotel rooms to enjoy the festivities, artists, musicians, dancers or even just coming for the awesome scenery, beaches, history, restaurants, boating etc. More than 70 open-air venues in the Gothic and Renaissance-Baroque city of Dubrovnik present a a rich programme of not only classical music, but also numerous theatre, ballet, opera, plays, open air cinemas, dance and other performances during July and August every summer.

The idea of founding the Dubrovnik Summer Festival since it's beginning was to harmonize the renaissance and baroque atmosphere of Dubrovnik and the eternal living spirit of drama and music, the intellectual way of life and living creative tradition, which has played a major part in Croatian cultural and scholarly history through the centuries, especially in theatre and literature. Many great names and works continually kept it in touch with contemporary currents of not only Zagreb, Split, Osijek, Zadar, Rijeka and the rest of Croatia through the centuries, but extending to central and western Europe also.

It's only the 63rd edition of this festival, but the histories involved in the production of the various events reach back centuries. Dubrovnik is the birthplace of Ivan Gundulic, who was a major figure of the rich literary tradition of the Croatian Baroque in Dubrovnik and Croatian-Dalmatia. He's also an important part of the festival itself, as his famous poem "Dubravka" is used on opening night to officially start the festival. This 63rd edition starts up in a month. More info at the links or at the official website at

Official website:


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Sit back, relax, and enjoy the shows, concerts, and performances


Each summer, more than 2000 dancers, actors, musicians, writers and artists flock to the city of Dubrovnik to indulge the art-loving world in over 70 performances at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Also known as the Dubrovnik Summer Games, the main events include theatre, dance and folklore, showcased in six weeks of culture and performance.

Since 1950, the charming and whimsical city of Dubrovnik has set a beautiful backdrop to the numerous world-renowned exhibitions. An element in its own right, the city boasts performances in the streets, arenas and plazas for audiences to enjoy the festival in the evening summer air. This combination of setting and talent is precisely what makes the festival Croatia’s premier cultural event and attracts international attention and eager guests to the city.

The festival season hosts a wide range of events from classical ballets and operas to film exhibitions and poetry readings for a lineup that is sure to satisfy every artistic craving. Spectators may be entertained at the theatre by the Festival Drama Ensemble of famous Croatian actors, or be captivated by the Lindo group performing traditional folk dances from Croatian villages.

Also not to be missed are the classical music performances held in the Ducal Palace atrium, known for its acoustics and the world-famous composers and orchestras it attracts each season. Ensconced in ancient city walls, curious visitors and elite artists are together swept up in the inspiration and romanticism of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and its featured exhibitions.

Essentials: A love of European culture and an appreciation for the performing arts are all you need to bring

Local Attractions:

Take a walk atop the 2km circuit of the medieval city walls to get a bird’s eye view of the red roofs and beautiful vistas of the fortified city. Also, look for battle wounds along the walls, as Dubrovnik was hit in the Yugoslavian war in 1991.

Dubrovnik Festival

Croatia's biggest cultural bash


Having recently celebrated its 60th anniversary, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival (Dubrovačke ljetne igre) is one of Europe's most established celebrations of the classical arts. For 47 days and nights, from July 10 to August 25, the streets, churches, squares and famous buildings of Dubrovnik's Old Town host the big names in classical music, theatre, opera and dance.

Numerous and various types of outdoor theatre groups, plays and performance artists also take part in the summer long festival. Above is performance artist Sung-Im-Her.

Shows bring Dubrovnik's historic jewels to life. Shakespeare is performed open-air at the Lovrijenac fortress, orchestras play at the Sponza Palace, piano soloists at the Cathedral, ballet takes place after dark outside St Blaise's Church and all kinds of events have the moonlit City Walls as a backdrop. Some 70 venues are used - even Lokrum island. In recent years audiences can count on 2,000 artists from some two dozen countries to perform plays, concerts, folk shows and perhaps even some ballet.

Croatia: Dubrovnik Summer Festival Opening in 2010

The festival has taken place every year since 1950. In the war of 1992, in place of an opening ceremony, locals lit candles in the windows while Ivan Gundulić's Anthem to Freedom played on the radio to a deserted main street of Stradun.

In peacetime, the festival has expanded its schedule and its scope, inviting big names; Derek Jacobi and Daniel Day Lewis have appeared as Hamlet, a festival mainstay. The core programme remains the classical arts but modernity has widened the remit. Experimental works, puppet theatre, and contemporary writers now share the stage with local heavyweight playwright Marin Držić, Goethe, Molière and the Greek tragedies.

 The Croatian National Dance Ensemble "LADO" performing at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. The Lindjo Folk Ensemble also take part during the festival. If you notice the musician to the far left on the stage your eyes do not deceive you...yes that's a bagpipe. Find out more about the interesting history of Croatian bagpipes on a previous post HERE.

Book ahead ( for the biggest events - for others you can pay on the door. There will also be book launches, art exhibitions and other dos that have sprung up to take advantage of the increased number of visitors in town. Hotels and restaurants fill - book early in all cases. For the most prestigious events, smart dress, although not obligatory, is expected. Also remember that there will be a number of free performances around the streets of the Old Town throughout festival time - you needn't have to pay through the nose, or pay at all, to get swept up in the whole event.

Part 3 of 4, a Russian crew's behind the scenes look at the opening ceremonies from 2011.

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is very much like that show Carnival Eats or a flea maket, except instead of stalls it's theatre groups, plays, musicians, orchestras, open air cinemas, symposiums and other entertainment spread throughout the old quarter sections of the renaissance-baroque city. The viewer can choose which event to attend from many simultaneous events going on and there's no need or requirement to dress it up either, because it's summer. (you can even wear a medieval or renaissance-baroque era costume if you want, feel like you're really back in time) A few highlights from the 64th edition below.

This is just footage of typical Dubrovnik nights using that timelapse effect that I thought looked cool.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Metallica Display A Croatia Flag On The Wall During Studio Rehearsals (+ Video)

Metallica guitarist/singer James Hetfield seen in the rehearsal studio a few days ago. Image: Facebook screenshot.

This one from a few days ago is interesting enough to throw in here I think, quite the change of topic from the last while, but if it's Croatia related in any way whatsoever it can find it's way on this blog. This one is especially interesting because I used to listen them and went to one of their concerts before hardly anyone even heard of them. The 8 time grammy award winning and cult metal genre gods Metallica recently announced a soon to be released new album "Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct", and a tour to follow after an eight year break. And thanks to the world renown band, a Croatian flag displayed in a Facebook post will be seen by millions of people and fans around the world.

The screenshot above is from rehearsal footage that the band posted on their Facebook page just a few days ago, but I just by chance came across the rehearsal footage video below also. The band these days consists of singer James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo. For those who are unfamiliar, the band had originally planned to play in Croatia already back in 1991 after Croatian and Slovenian independence as part of that summers popular "Monsters of Rock" tour, but the concert got cancelled after the Serb-Yugoslav attacks and ethnic cleansing sprees started up, However, they kept their promise that they would come back again and eventually played to over 30,000 fans at Zagreb's outdoor Hipodrom in 2010. (see video below)

Ahhh...Metallica. What more is there to say? The iconic band who's very name is based on a fusion of the words metal+vodka, that new band at the time that suddenly and out of nowhere brought forth those new unheard of melodies and sounds, that crunchy new aggressive yet spine tingling guitar sound that was like nothing else at the time, something refreshingly new, distinct, sonic otherwordly rhythms and sounds and it left you wanting more, telling you it was time to put the Led Zeppelin, Boston, Black Sabbath, Cinderella and a bunch of other bands being played at the time back on the shelf for a while. Why I remember it just like it was yesterday, some heavy duty Dokken fan once asked me in high school what I was listening to on the Walkman, at the time I said "Oh, some Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin and Metallica",  and then he said "who's Metallica?" Same thing happened when playing hockey while on the bus or in the change room. (Probably another good question would be is "Where's Wham, Culture Club, Baltimora, The Fat Boys and Vanilla Ice now? Where the hell are they dammit?")  Boy have I got some good Metallica related stories, I saw them live at Maple Leaf Gardens when Jason Newstead was bassist, I remember this one guy later during my military days, he was a huge Metallica fan, he even went out and immediately got a tattoo of that snake on the cover of their 1991 self-titled album when it came out. (which is originally from the Culpeper Minutemen Flag btw) You see, this is the kind of music you wanted to listen before going out in the field, before sports, before doing weights, training and stuff like that, something to really get the adrenaline going, really prepare and focus, because those other acts just won't cut it.

I should explain though, just like I said at my previous Croata Squad post, that I listen to and have listened to various stuff and many genres for the longest time, so I'm not by far close to what pople call a metalhead or whatever other label people come up with. I'm just what you call eclectic. I'm not a raver, rambler, disco freak, headbanger, country twanger cowboy, alternative, nu metal, classical, pop raver, rocker, punker, trancer, ambient dark waver, nu techno dancer, progressive techno nu trancer etc and so on. I just know what I like and what I don't like. Basically, it's very simple criteria I go by just like food and clothes...if it sounds good to me then I'll like it. If it sounds shitty and does nothing for me then I won't listen to it. I listen to various genres depending on my mood and my mp3 player song list would probably surprise many.

Besides, it's sort of funny these days, because I've come across plenty of pics of what people call Hollywood "celebs" where they're strolling around and wearing "Metallica" tees. Heck, I've even came across some pics of some of them wearing Slayer, Dimmu, Misfits, The Cramps, Rammstein, The Louvin Brothers, Satyricon, Iron Maiden and plenty of other hardcore music/punkish band tees, not just the hard rock tees. It's sort of trendy now in a way, like naming your daughter Ivana or Ivanka, doing yoga, making stir fry and rice dishes and Pokemon now. (Iron Maiden is another one of those 80's metal bands that never went away but instead got bigger gaining a larger following through the years, they actually just completed one of the biggest world tours ever selling out arenas and stadiums everywhere, they recently sold out Spaladium Arena in Split just a few weeks ago)

Anyway, this particular Croatian flag in the rehearsal footage is one that was given to them by some fans during their last Zagreb concert at the outdoor Hipodrom in 2010, (see previous post HERE), the fans had a memorable great time at the concert and the band did also, hence the flag. That's about it, a nice gesture to remember their various fans from their last world tour concerts and worth mentioning here, I guess now you can run out and get your Metallica tee so you too can look like a celeb.

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The first view of the flag during the rehearsal footage is at the 20 seconds mark.

Some decent amateur footage from their Zagreb Hipodrom concert in 2010, with intermittent rain included.

 Zagreb concert footage and behind the scenes stuff from 2010.

And this is some bonus extremely rare live footage of Metallica performing the Pokemon theme song in concert.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Croatian City Of Varaždin Celebrating 18th Year Of Špancirfest This August (+ Video)

This one is just a quick repost that I did last month since the event officially started up just yesterday, and I don't have to type anything...

It's that time year again for the annual Špancirfest in the historic baroque town of Varaždin.

I already mentioned this topic previously HERE, so this is just a refresher since I came across some decent video footage from last year. (This is NOT a tourism post though remember because I don't do tourism posts, just information for the benefit of the reader) Just basically to show the readership that it's not all just on the coast where all the summer entertainment and various events take place, or the only place in the country that is worth checking out. Because there's more than enough talk and images from the coastal areas in the summer, but it's important to remember that there actually is life, existence and plenty interesting summer things going on and to see and do elsewhere in the rest of the country, including the small towns and cities like Varaždin in this case. People do exist and truly live lives away from the coast in the summer. (It may seem unbelievable to some but it's true) The truth must be told, this is the blog of truth after all.

What is Špancirfest exactly? (pronounced "shpawn-tseer-fest") Well, Špancirfest is a summer festival that takes place in the city of Varaždin. And where is Varaždin exactly? Varaždin is located in the northwest region of Croatia just between the Slovenia and Hungary border. It's an old historic settlement from the times of the medieval Kingdom of Croatia and recorded for the first time by name in 1181 as an important newly elevated fortress town.

(As an interesting sidenote, (because so many readers keep begging for those spontaneous quirky math and history facts all the time), in 1756 as part of measures to cut administrative costs throughout the empire, Maria Theresa the Empress of the Habsburgs (and the Croatian crown lands within Austria-Hungary), moved the Croatian Government from Zagreb to Varaždin and established the Royal Croatian Council overseeing the Croatian Triune Kindom lands, (Headed by the Croatian Ban/Prime Minister [pronounced like 'bahn'] and Croatian nobles), so Varaždin actually became the Croatian capital until it moved back to the Croatian Parliament in Zagreb in 1776). Castles, palaces, mansions, fortresses, baroque buildings, classical theatre houses, classicist and secessionist homes and even cobbled roads are still found in the medieval-renaissance-baroque historic Old Town nucleus of Varaždin. Today, besides some other annual festivals here the old town quarter is for the most part a quiet and relaxing type of location throughout most of the year. (the nearby Varaždinske Toplice have been popular natural hot springs for many centuries also)

Varaždin Civil Guards in the 1840's.

I should also mention that it's not generally known that Varaždin was under attack a number of times during the centuries of Ottoman Jihads into Europe, yet from the1530's onward every single Ottoman army and their Serb volunteers attacks from the Sanjak of Smederevo was repelled in their attempt to take the strategically important town. (As a matter of fact, from the Seige of Vienna in 1529 to the Battle of Vienna in 1683, the combined Ottoman armies and their Serb volunteers allies had to repeatedly circumvent around the Croatian defensive military positions, including Varaždin, to attain their goal of reaching Vienna. The bloodthirsty Ottoman Serb Grand Vizier and de facto ruler of the Ottoman empire, Мехмед-паша Соколовић (English: Mehmed-Pasha Sokolovich) led numerous Ottoman and Serb jihad campaigns to try to break through Croatian positions but with no success)

Also worth noting of course is the still kept tradition of the Varaždinska građanska garda (Varaždin Civil Guards, who were grenadier soldiers and aka the "Purgari" seen above), which is a historic civil military unit formed in 1538 and then officially founded in a 1750 statute by imperial decree, they are still used for Varaždin county events and official ceremonial functions even today (example) as well as representatives of the historical units of Varaždin Hussars that existed in the vicinity until 1813. Varaždin and the surrounding county suburbs is of course also known for various local gastronomical choices (foods), wines, specialty liquors and pastries etc.

However, and getting back to the main point of this post, once a year for 10 days in August, Špancirfest comes along. A time of mixing the old with the new, bringing out the foods and drinks, old costumes, crafts, displays, historical reenactments and related events, and also more modern events, jugglers, costumes, street performers, entertainment, programs and music, (It can seem sort of like medieval times in a way when you think about it, because there used to be court jesters, fools, musicians, magicians and various entertainers back then too, of course along with the local village wench and goblets of frothy mead)

Varaždin was also a host city this past April during the Tour of Croatia cycling stage races.

There is something for one and all and a time to celebrate the town with food, entertainment, art and the arts. Even the cool 3D projection mapping visuals and neon drumming mimes will be there again this year. (see previous post festival-visualia-2014-3d-projection-pula for more about that) Maybe it's not as well known, long running or on the scale of festivals like the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and some other different themed ones, but Varaždin is not Dubrovnik and it isn't located on the coast, that's the way geography is and which also explains the lack of boats, rubber dinghies and shrimp and mussels in Lake Varaždin.

Cobbled roads still visible within the old town quarter paths and walkways. Instagram photo.

Varaždin from August 19-28 will once again feature over 1,000 well-known street performers, musicians, theatre performers, comedy acts and acrobats from all over the world. More than 40 concerts will also take place this year, during these days Varaždin regularly hosts over 100,000 visitors coming from all over Croatia and even visitors from the surrounding countries.

It's still mainly Croatian music acts that perform at Špancirfest, but over the years it's become more eclectic in regards to entertainment and things to do and see. Practically unheard of to most, Varaždin is located in the northwest corner of Croatia just between Slovenia and Hungary, quite a ways from the Adriatic coast, and all the boats and beaches, and there are many similar events taking place all across Croatia during these summer months, but believe you me, Špancirfest will be a happening interesting place to be at this summer. Guaranteed. If you're in the area you should definitely check it out, and if not it's still good to know. Below is some video footage from last year's Špancirfest 2015 and what to expect this year, so I don't have to add a bunch of photos.

More information at the official website

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A few video highlights from last year's Špancirfest 2015.

Some of the music entertainment for Špancirfest 2016.

More music entertainment for Špancirfest 2016.

One of the special circus acts showing up this year again.

A wide variety of music acts that performed in 2015.

Various foreign travelling televangelists and subversive cults over the years have tried to set up pools, crusades and sell books in Varaždin during Špancirfest, but luckily the heavenly clouds opened up and a great fire swallowed them up unto the lands of the Moabites and Jebusites, and Detroitites and some other places, they were then rebuked and denied permits and barred from the town by citizens with pitchforks and thrown bricks of cheese and various canned jams. That's why every year there's a children's programs and activities center during Špancirfest instead.

...and interactive stuff also.

More than 40 concert performances over 7 days for 30 bucks during Špancirfest 2016, not a bad deal.

A few scenes of the various street performers and entertainment from 2015.

And lastly, some interesting views of the Old Town section of Varaždin during Non-Špancirfest time.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Reese Witherspoon, Members Of U2 & Ivanka Trump Holidaying In Croatia...During Olympics?

Well, I've said quite some time ago how I don't plan to do anymore "celeb" type posts anymore, or when any famous or just well known athletes/personalities holiday in Croatia either, because it's really not the purpose of this blog or what it's about. (I'm even cringing as I'm typing this because of this conflict of topics, as if I just sold my body to Whoopi Goldberg for a bag of stale Doritos and a warm flat can of Mountain Dew, that's pretty low) And of course this is absolutely NOT any kind of tourism post either, because I quite simply really have no personal interest where any so-called "celebs" or well known "personalities" holiday because it doesn't affect me personally or of importance to me. It basically means fuck all to me for the most part where they go or what they say or think.

But I just found these ones strange and oddly weird and so decided to quickly comment a few words. Now, plenty of celebs and well known personalities have been vacationing in Croatia over the years like I said, that's really nothing new and it's pretty ho-hum actually, but wouldn't it make more sense to have vacationed in Brazil since the Olympics are going on there right now? You know, then cheer on the athletes, the festivities etc. Besides it's all trendy now and the place to be, the worlds eyes are all glued at the goings on in Rio. Also, these three people are exceptions, (because I do have exeptions) and I wouldn't throw them in that same category of pontless talkers/lowest and least interesting form of "celebs."

It's just really surreal and odd the way I see it. Then after thinking about it, perhaps maybe one reason could be is that the waters off the Croatian coast are actually pretty clean. It's a proven fact, and regularly getting superlative results after water quality assessment tests is something to not be ashamed of, it could actually be a good thing when you really think about it, and it helps save the fish and marine life too. (in retrospect, even these very personalities holidaying in Croatia is in effect bringing exposure and awareness to the plight of threatened sea life as well as the importance of keeping our oceans and waters clean, see my pray-for-the-croatian-dolphins post for more info about that), and from what I've seen on television and read here and there on the internet, the water around Rio is not exactly all that wonderful, as in infested with waste way thousands of times beyond healthy acceptable limits in other countries, (yep, thousands of times more viruses and bacteria filled, dumping more than half of Rio's raw sewage into the rivers and sea without any treatment whatsoever is maybe cost-effective but really not a good idea in retrospect, as the innocent marine life is the one that suffers, and on top of that is the contraband ), so I'm pretty sure she or her friends didn't want to accidentally get a mouth full of all the sewage, bacteria, piss and shit particles floating around. That's understandable though, it's not yummy or cool at all as most would probably agree. (although there are some people who like that, but that's another topic) I have a feeling that probably Catherine Zeta-Jones or the Olsen twins recommended the holiday trip because it's pretty well paparazzi free also. Anyway, the timing for this holiday is just really odd and strange that's fore sure. I personally don't watch all that many movies these days, but I have seen some of her stuff here and there over the years, she was pretty good in Ironman 2, Scream, Grindhouse, Jurassic World, how she didn't win an Oscar for No Country For Old Men is still beyond me and as bizarre as this whole post topic, and a few other movies. Basically I'm glad she and her girlfriend palaroonies had a good time, that they weren't mugged at knifepoint, abducted or blown up, which is always a plus in my books. (if she was swimming in Rio instead this could have been her) And in the process her holiday trip made more people aware of where Croatia is on a map and what the summer on the coast looks like. So that's all a good thing that I'm not complaining about either. That's about it, just really wierd timing and surreal bizarro-strange that's for sure. (and the Zagreb Bears have also started playing pre-season hockey games already, all adding to the creepy ambiance of these weird topics and strange goings-on) I'm not adding a bunch of pics so if you're one of those gotta know paparazzi types there's more information and media at the links HERE.

(You can click onto this link for some background reading music)

Reese Witherspoon And Friends Holidaying In Croatia

Reese Whitherspoon and friends ivacationing in Croatia. Image:


Famous American actress currently holidaying in Croatia…

U2 band members Adam Clayton and The Edge are currently enjoying the Croatian coast on board a luxury super yacht. After visiting Cavtat near Dubrovnik earlier this week to celebrate The Edge’s 55th birthday, the pair, along with family and friends, docked into the island of Hvar on Tuesday.

Pictured on the cover of one of those Croatian entertainment magazines.

Another celebrity is also in town enjoying Croatia’s stunning coastline, American actress and producer Reese Witherspoon. The Legally Blonde and Monsters vs. Aliens star is sailing along the Adriatic coast with her close friends.

Their first destination was Rovinj in Istria, before visiting heading towards the Kornati islands.

Witherspoon, who starred in the romantic comedy Sweet Home Alabama, has posted photos of her holiday on Instagram with the hashtag Croatia and the phrase ‘Summer adventures in Croatia’.

One of those new really annoying robot voice videos I came across. (I really hate it when people add those annoying robot voices especially for the really long videos and documentaries)

Bono Joins U2 Bandmates To Celebrate Birthday Along Croatian Coast

...and then just as I was finishing up this post, even more thrills, spills and chills happened, as Bono also made a surprise appearance in the town of Cavtat to join fellow U2 band members celebrating Edge's 55th birthday, and then eat some cake etc. (probably taken just before a game of water polo, but if not they definitely should) More information and images HERE and HERE.

  Image: Instagram.

Ivanka Trump Takes A Croatian Coastal Holiday Vacation

.....and then the next day by pure coincidental chance I stumbled across this article HERE and it seems the bizarre weirdness vortex of improbable strangeness continues. (what next? Elvis back from the dead drinking beers in Varaždin during Špancirfest? Jim Morrison drinking shots of rakija (plum brandy) in a Tkalčićeva street pub in Zagreb?) Ivanka Trump the daughter of Presidential nominee Donald Trump and ex-wife Ivana Trump, shared an Instagram pic while taking a break from the campaign trail in Dubrovnik. She was seen holidaying with friends, husband, various acquaintances and a bunch of other people I don't know. Well, if anything at least more of the general public will know that one can stroll, shop, eat and nightlife in Croatia without worries, There's a lot worse types of things to be crawling and shuffling into the country these days anyway, (including various types of subversives that I've talked about before, subversives are always up to no good and scheming to subvert for the worse), so this also could actually be a good thing and maybe even beneficial to the country's image.

For those gotta know journalism types here's an informative "article" excerpt I came across to fill you in better...."Ivanka Trump, daughter of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, is in the midst of a holiday getaway in Croatia. Trump donned a casual look for the day of sightseeing, pairing a white blouse with cut-outs that revealed a white bikini underneath with matching shorts. Both women wore funky sunglasses to complete their looks. The top and matching shorts were still quite girly, and she paired them with a blush-colored laser-cut bag." I'm definitely not getting into the whole Chris Brown-Ivanka Trump back and forth tabloid accusations thing that's been all over the news these days either. (He's that guy who beat the crap out of Rihanna's face not long ago) It's none of my business, not interesting and I really don't care about lots of the news these days anyway. Well there you go, there's not much more for me to add so that's as far as I'm going with this one.

At the end of the day, I guess the main thing is her holiday in Croatia is contributing to progress and civilization, and not just taking up space for tabloids and magazine photo galleries, it's all about progress, freedom and civilization. In case her father was to become the next President, I highly recommend she twist his arm and get Croatia some more of those fully loaded Kiowa helicopters, about another 10 or 20 more and preferably with some variable yield ASM's as part of the armament, .03 to 1.5  kilotons should be just about right for a while. Croatia has been a very strategic and important nation through the centuries saving civilization, and likewise member of Nato afterall, so maybe he better throw in some nerve agents/chemical weapons missiles also....for freedom, civilization and progess of course.

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I will just finish off though by adding that, as most people already know, Ivanka Trump is the daughter of Donald's ex-wife and former Czech model Ivana Trump, and uncannily (because it really is uncanny actually) mothers name was also Ivanka, but sometimes she would also go by Ivana. (sort of like Jim, Jimbo, Jimmy, or Lora, Laura, Lori, Lorette etc) How's that for a strange coincidence? True story. Why I even remember when I was a kid, sometimes other kids on the block would even make fun of her name. Why? I don't know, I mean she was in pretty good shape, no mustache or facial hair, she wore makeup occasionally, dressed normal as in usually slacks, pastel skirts or flowery dresses etc, just no jumpsuits though, it was the 70's afterall. (I saw some of the other kid's moms, and I'll tell you some of them at first I thought were men) Plus there's a lot weirder names floating around and some of them even sound totally made up, heck, I've even come across some long names that are practically just consonants and unpronouncable, or sounding like someone has a mouth full of food or is clearing their throat, names way harder to pronounce than just Ivanka/Ivana. Actually, Ivanka/Ivana is a fairly common Croatian female first name, and in some other countries such as this Czech example. But Ohhhhh! now it's so stylish, chique, cutesy and trendy like olive oil vinegrettes, imported pâtés (Croatian: pašteta), buying only organic vegetables, yoga and pleatless pants, it's so Euro-model trash edgy hip and sophisticated sounding all of a sudden now, so much so that lots of people want to be or name their daughter an Ivanka or Ivana. How's that for irony and weird too?

Anyway, I'll be back with my usual stuff soon, more juicy details, info, articles and stalking paparazzi pics, (including her see-through blouse images that have upset Isis, Kim Jong-un and large parts of the Middle East and Africa) by clicking onto the links HERE.

Ivanka Trump seen spending the day chilling out in Dubrovnik. Image:

...and meanwhile in Alba Bulgarica Serbia, as usual supporters of 90's Serb war criminals, rapists, genocidal ethnic cleansing maniacs and other Serb church members were instead busy burning American, European Union, Croatia, Nato, Albanian flags, Kosovo flags, Ukrainian and a number of other flags. (but waving Serb-Libyan Gaddafi flags instead whish is weird) Along with songs and chants of "Kill that Non-Serb Albanian, to hell with Non-Serbs, We'll take them Kosovar Albanians back to the Sanjak of Smederevo, then they'll be sorry that a Serb didn't rape their granny to make them sexy!", and other similar songs. It's really not that interesting but good to know.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Photos Of The Day: Zagreb International Airport Terminal 2 Construction Nearing Completion

Visuals of the new Zagreb Airport Terminal 2 before construction began. (Officially named the Franjo Tuđman Zagreb International Airport after Croatia's 1st modern era democratically elected President) When fully operational next year it will mean quicker and more efficient arrival and departures and processing will shorten waiting times, lineups and also increase capacity to 5.5 million passengers a year, and then increasing to 8 million through planned expansions. Many of the visitors from other parts of Europe especially, will be processed and drinking Croatian beers and eating palačinke in no time at all. In 2015 about 2.6 million passengers travelled through Zagreb even though the airports original annual capacity was built for 2.5 million.

I posted last time that I wasn't going to touch this topic again until the new airport terminal was officially completey finished and up and running, but these are recent fresh pics that should be spread around. I've been to a few airports here and there and I'm definitely no airport guru or expert, but it's just good to see that the construction is going according to schedule, and that now you can actually see it taking form and starting to actually look like in the preliminary finished project images and videos This is what the traveller will be landing at in 2017 onwards, as the current Pleso airport terminal will be used just for low fare-flights. helicopters and personal aircraft.

I will just add that I touched upon this topic before even one shovel full of dirt was digged up, and I added extra information and media about some other airport expansion projects currently going on in Croatia, those links are below.

I also added personal commentary there about what stores or shops should be part of the new terminal, (Guess Jeans, Diesel, Mustang, Hugo Boss, what restaurants/bars/fast food etc) Also about how many armed security personal there should be and where they should be stationed, security attack dogs, sniper nests, stationing one of the new fully loaded Croatian Kiowa helicopters nearby etc. (I can't stress enough the importance of having at least one nearby fully loaded helicopter on standby at all times, even the first sign of someone taking out a lighter out of their pocket for anything other than lighting a cigarette, cigar or to burn off a loose thread, well then that's plenty reason enough for a red alert and all systems go, ASM, grenade launcher and machine gun away at the potentially dangerous and suspicious target. We simply can't take any chances of ripped and torn to shreds Hugo Boss suits, various jeans, shirts, boutique soaps, plates and condiments, luggage and especially duty free items being destroyed or put in peril) Important topics like that.

Anyway, if this is news to you, then at least now you will know what to expect when you land in Zagreb in about a year. A totally new modern and much more efficient running terminal that's going to also look not too shabby, it was also announced recently that it will officially be named Zagreb Franjo Tuđman International Airport, after Croatia's first President of the modern era. (officially in Croatian; Međunarodna Zračna Luka Franjo Tuđman Zagreb) Which seems apropos and very fitting actually, as not long after Slovenian and Croatian and later BH declarations of independence in the 90's, Serb church supported terrorists and ethnic cleansing paramilitaries were shelling and rocketing the city of Zagreb including this airport also, (which btw is considered a holy day in the their Sanjak Smedervo church calendar, where Non-Serbs must be smitten by the mighty hand of Serb mortars from Serb heaven), and coincidentally again the Serb jihadist mastermind leader behind it is currently staying at the Hotel Hague, where they've even been building the popular "Greater Serbian Wing" as part of the hotel complex for him and his comrades)

It's good to know that construction is going according to plan and that the 331 million euros project will be a reality soon. It's been on the back burner for years, but then that world economic crisis happened, then the bidding process/paperwork, technical details etc and so on.

With over 13 million tourists arriving to Croatia in 2015, it's important that the capital city has a state of the art up to date modern airport facility. According to 2014 statistics the top-5 foreign visitors to Croatia in terms of overall numbers were from Germany (24 %), Slovenia (11 %), Austria (9 %), the Czech Republic and Italy (both 8 %) and probably surprising to many, it has actually been the large numbers of visitors from China, Japan and Koreans that has been the fastest growing segment the past few years. (Which is good, because lotsa hot single ladies from the far east is good for Croatia's image, there's much worse things to be crawling around, it also helps explain why camera sd memory cards are selling like hotcakes and many times sold out wherever they go) When completed, just this terminal will be able to handle 5.5 million passengers a year, increasing to 8 million through planned expansions in subsequent years.

At the time these photos were taken they were already doing various systems and programs testing, 7 months ahead of the original schedule, which means the terminal should be fully operational shortly after the new year. Anyway, below are some pics to show the civilized world what's going on in Croatia. If this is your thing there's more background information at the links below.






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