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četvrtak, 30. srpnja 2009.

Bill Gates Visits Skradin In Croatia & Picks Up One Damn Fine Looking Hat

Yachting in the Adriatic

One of the richest people in the world and long time Microsoft shareholder, visited Skradin in Croatia, with his family, friends and bodyguards.

Translation:Joseph Stedul

Published: June 24, 2009 21:23h




Bill Gates is spending a part of his summer in Croatia again, more precisely in Skradin, and he also visited the Krka National Park. Bill Gates walked around in the company of his family friends and bodyguards. He spent two hours walking around the waterfalls of the Krka River with his wife Melinda and his three children.

As the newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija finds out, Gates did not have lunch in Skradin, which is known as a gastro destination with its restaurants. However, he did spend some money on souvenirs and a book he bought at the national park.

Bill also had time to pick up a very cool hat.

As soon as he saw the flashes from photo reports, Gates headed towards the boat that took him to Skradin, and a much larger rented yacht was waiting for him in the ‘Prukljansko’ Lake.

It is probable that numerous photographers will see Gates at other destinations which are famous in the Adriatic sea, like Dubrovnik or Hvar.

Up until now, Skradin and the Krka national park have been visited by Michael Schumacher, ‘Rania’ the queen of Jordan, the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovic and many others.

Who would have thunk it?...

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