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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Diaspora Croat Ivana Vasilj Chosen As New Miss Croatia.

I had to post this one because I think it so cool that last month a Croatian from the diaspora won the title of Miss Croatia. Both her parents are Croatian but she was born in Germany. Also, she has stated that she intends to improve on her Croatian, but I wouldn't worry about it if I were her. In the interviews she sounds like she just needs to spend a little more time there and work on the subtle accents. She will do fine I'm sure. (She does speak 3 languages afterall)  Last year a rocker, and this year a diaspora Croat. Naaaaajs! Above all Ivana totally gets my respect because even though she may currently have better opportunities at making more money somewhere else, she has decided to instead follow her heart, which makes her happier. That is all that really matters at the end of the day. Her Croatian actually isn't too bad, definitely not an air-head beauty queen. Best of luck to Ivana.

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Miss Croatia Ivana Vasilj and Mister Croatia Bruno Oreskovic.



Translation:Joseph Stedul
Author:Mario Ćužić
Photo:Tin Banić

Published: June 15, 2009 01:07h

ILOK, CROATIA - Miss Croatia for 2009 is Ivana Vasilj, who is also Miss Diaspora, and according to the other candidates for Miss and Mister Croatia 2009, she took the title of Miss Congeniality as well.

The first runner up for Miss Croatia is Dora Markotic, whilst the second runner up is Leonarda Obradovic, who is Miss Zagreb.

The most handsome young man, Mister Croatia, is Bruno Oreskovic. The first runner up is Mario Anic-Kremic. Mister Photogenic is Valentino Kozmic, who is also the second runner up.

Miss Ivana was most impressed by Croatia. She says she is happy about the title, but that she is happiest that she got to know her homeland.

Ivana Vasilj, new Miss Croatia, arriving at Pleso airport in Zagreb. She celebrated her victory at home in Cologne, with her family. Fotogallery: and Video of her arrival at Pleso Airport in Zagreb:

“I saw Croatia as I have never seen it before. For the first time I am here in the Vukovar-Srijem County and I tried eating kulen, and it delighted me. As far as winning the title is concerned, I am overjoyed. I will do anything to justify the faith that you showed me” said Ivana Vasilj.

“I feel great. I have to admit that I did not expect the title, but I am very happy about it. However, above everything else the company will remain in my memories” said Bruno Oreskovic.

Knowledge is power

During the great final, the candidates answered questions that the readers prepared for them, or the listeners of media sponsors of this year’s contest.

So Bruno answered the question from our readers, of what he would do if he won millions in the lottery.

Bruno answered that if he won a jackpot, he would first take his friends on a trip, and he would save the rest of the money in a safe place until he is slightly older, until he knows how to handle it better.

Ivana explaining how she has fallen in love with the beutiful national parks and surrounding nature and is contemplating moving to Croatia. She's happy to have been re-introduced to authentic down home Croatian food again, and is not too concerned that she isn't 100% fluent in Croatian yet, the main thing being that people understand her.She also mentions that since her parents own a restaurant in Germany, that she's not a bad cook herself.

 Ivana getting ready to smash a wicked two-handed forehand during a game of tennis. Organizers set her and the new Mr Croatia in accommodations along the Adriatic coast after the competitions for some relax time.

I of course couldn't let the all important bikini shot go by unnoticed. Fotogallery

What the hell, I couldn't pass this one up either. 

Heck, another good bikini shot I had to add. This one isn't all that revealing, but it is a good view of her sitting by the pool getting her feet wet, giggling, frolicking, splashing around, making water bubbles and stuff.

Ivana Vasilj as Miss Croatia during the Miss World 2009 contest later that year. 

Ivana Vasilj answered the question, who she would rather be with, if she could choose between a footballer and quantum physicist, which she answered by saying, knowledge is power. Miss Photogenic was Aleksija Kokolo.

The proud new Miss Hrvatska, Ivana Vasilj, picking up the keys to her new car.

Also, it wan't long afterwards, that she took a cameo role in a video for the folk outfit "The Slavonia Band" and their single "Zlatna polja". (Golden fields)

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