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četvrtak, 20. kolovoza 2009.

Croatian Gothic Metal Band OMEGA LITHIUM Signs With DRAKKAR RECORDS - July 12, 2009

Singer Mya proving that colours are not anathema to Industrial/Metal/Alternative music. It's not whether you wear pink, it's how you wear pink.

I put this recent news article concerning one of my favorite current Croatian bands, Omega Lithium, because this is great news for the band and good exposure for the homegrown rock, metal, industrial, eclectro-darkwave, gothic metal, etc, music scene in Croatia. I've been following the music scene in Croatia for the past few years now and am impressed with some of the artists that I have come across. On my recent trip I even had a chance to meet and take a few photos with one of the local Slavic/Pagan-Metal bands, Stribog. I have quite a few favorite Croatian artists I enjoy listening to, too many to list here, and I've only just scratched the surface.

I'm glad to see that one of my bands is getting the exposure and credit they deserve. They are also one of my Myspace friends too, so I knew about this great piece of news when it first came out. At the bottom are a few links from Croatia that keep one up to date on the music scene in Croatia that I visit once in a while. Omega Lithium is also currently on the front page of the popular alternative music website in the industrial music category, which is super news.

However I find that most of the bands I come across that I take a liking to I hear about from word of mouth and recommendations from my Myspace friends. It's a really closeknit community this alternative, anti-maintstream pop music scene. I also found that a lot of my myspace friends are very intelligent, opiniated, knowledgeable in a wide array of subjects and are the complete opposite of the stereotypes one sees in the media etc. But the main thing is that at the end of the day, they are all superlative musicians/artists that in many cases are better than the popular bands around here, and they always stay true to the music, which is what it's really all about anyway.


...The bad news however is that now even the sancity of VampireFreaks has been tarnished, no longer a refuge for creative music, no longer free from the sweaty clutches of Radovan Karadzic pajama wearing and supporter of Vojeslav Seselj and other genocidal maniacs. Yep, I'm talking about none other than Ratko Mladic phone sex talker... Jill Starr


Drakkar Records has announced the signing of the Croatian gothic metal band OMEGA LITHIUM. Drakkar label manager Marius Kopec says in a statement, "Of course, classic artist development has become increasingly difficult. On the other hand, only by supporting new bands does a label stand a chance of hitting the jackpot. To us, it's as important as ever that our bands bring along a solid mix of quality and originality. OMEGA LITHIUM, with their amazing singer Mya Mortensen, is without any doubt what we call a 'unique act,' so we are very convinced that it is possible to establish this band in the gothic scene!"

OMEGA LITHIUM's debut album, "Dreams In Formaline", will be released on September 18.

A video for the song "Stigmata" can be viewed below.

OMEGA LITHIUM's sound is described in the band's official bio as "the vision of a reformed society's way of thinking. The aggression of the distorted guitars, the simplicity of the electro beats, wrapped in a haunting atmosphere, and a rebellious point of view through it. Influenced by industrial, metal, gothic and rock, emerges a distinct sound that creates the passage through the ruined world of inner destruction."

For more information, visit

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