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Saturday, 1 August 2009

NATO Wants Training Ground With Toxins And Viruses

Croatian soldiers on patrol in Afganistan

I used to be part of a Croatian forum in the past where I went into detail about my personal concerns regarding NATO membership. Here, I will just state this. NO chemical/biological warfare training bases on Croatian soil, and NO to any type of missile defense systems. We deservedly attained membership into NATO because we are not a threat to other countries in the region, we are freedom loving and because for far, far too long , Croatia has always been under the yoke of foreign powers. That being said, bottom line, Croatia has helped ensure her security for a very small price compared to the many other projects currently in the works. However we should not now "hand over the keys" to America/NATO to do as they please. Currently only designated areas on our Dalmation coast can be used as a staging area for troops and ships in the event of hostilities in the region. That is quite sufficient for a country of our size. We already have been partaking of military exercises in the area and are contributing our troops to various peacekeeping duties in the world.

More info about our military activities can be found at the Croatian Ministry of Defence press release website:

Also talking to some people when I was there and sensing the mood, Croatians aren't some gungo-ho Rambo yes-men ready to lick the wests' boots and willing to be at America's beck and call. There's nothing wrong with contructive critisism or letting other points of  view be shared. That way you don't just replace one overlord with another. See attached video. That's my 2 cents.

A worker dressed in protective gear prepares a chemical bomb for destruction at a special facility in Russia`s Urals town of Shchuchye

File photo
Translation:Karmen Horvat


Published: July 23, 2009 11:52h

Croatian Defence Ministry has turned down NATO`s proposal on constructing a training ground centre against terrorist attacks with biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, the Jutarnji list daily writes.

If the proposal had not been rejected, this would have been the biggest training ground in Europe with large amounts of chemicals and viruses. Its construction would cost 15 million kuna.

The main reason why Americans want a training ground for war gases in Dalmatia is because it has a long period with nice weather, which enables nearly 8 months of active training.

However, the ministry`s opinion about the centre is negative. The ministry has turned down the construction of the centre, however, it does not oppose that this or some other company purchases or uses the abandoned warehouse.

Douglas Eaton, Knotox director, believes that the Croatian Defence Ministry needs such a centre. Despite the fact that most poisonous biological and chemical weapons would be used in the centre, Knotox claims that the chemicals which would be used in drills would not be in contact with the environment or harm the local population, plants and animals.

Croatians demonstrate against Bush and NATO

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