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petak, 25. rujna 2009.

Miss Croatia & Miss World 2008 Contestant: Josipa Kusić

Well, you may wonder why I'm posting a piece about a former Croatian beauty queen, the 2008 Miss Croatia, Josipa Kusić, especially considering it's last years news. However, soon after winning the crown, she received a lot of flack in the press regarding an opinion she said during an interview on Croatian television. It wasn't such a big deal in Croatia and blew over quickly, but some tabloid type sites and blogs on the net had a field day with it. Here's a couple of examples:

Basically though, I agree with her.  Faggotry really is taking a stride these days. Around here it's reached pandemic proportions, believe me. (It has nothing to do with one's sexuality remember, it's about the immaturity, the drama-queens, tall-tale tellers, gossipers, overcompensating because of their own shortcomings or personal complex, obsessive inquisitiveness about who's doing who, who might be doing who or what someone says that someone thinks they did with bla bla bla, or even just your everyday nosy piece of shit, all that) Also, for some strange reason, around here the malls and libraries seem to be faggotry central in that regard.

Also the last few years spent living in my last city of residence was faggotry Valhalla. Just an observation. I've heard and seen a lot worse things coming from the mouths of celebs and people in the media on this side of the pond. Way more worse and basically founded on b.s. and totally unfounded. I could spend all day on this post giving examples.

Now, one persons faggotry may just be another persons fancy-boy, nosy goober, stooge derp or fucko-shitard or even vice-versa, I guess it all depends on your point of view. But it's everyone's right to tell it like it is. Anyway that's about it. I have a good feeling about Josipa and wish her continued success. I'd vote for her anytime.

Josipa Kusic: "I Love Stews and Rock Music"

About Her:

My name is Josipa Kusic. I grew up in Imotski, a very scenic place with the second deepest lake in Europe named the Red Lake, and 21 other small lakes. Having completed my elementary studies at Music School for piano and French Horn I am now at University, my ambition is to be a good business woman. I have recorded a CD with the Wind Orchestra HPO; won 3rd place in a European competition; played bass guitar in a band called `Blef`; have also played the French Horn at funerals; I love listening to rock & blues. My other leisure interests area: aerobics and travelling. My favourite food is the speciality foods from the Dalmatian region. Personal motto is `Healthy Mind, Healthy Body`.

Here is a little more about her from

subota, 19. rujna 2009.

Croatia And Hungary To Establish Europe´s Largest River Protected Area - 20 Years After The Fall Of The Iron Curtain

I decided to post this because I'm glad that the leaders in Croatia and it's neighbouring countries are taking serious the threats to the environment, our lands and rivers, beaches etc. This is a very positive step to help make sure that our children, and their children's children, have the same opportunity to enjoy the nature around them, that sometimes unfortunately, we all take for granted. And because since nature is a very important part of my overall view of the world and things, this runs right up my alley in regards to my opinions about the beliefs and ways of life of the Pre-Christian and still Pagan Croats in the early common era and Early Middle Ages, ie: their close bond and connection with nature and the natural world around them before various ball sports, sitcom reruns, video games and gender reassignments. Basically that our world and existence depends on what we see around us. Our ancestors in antiquity understood this and held the natural world around them in high regard. I hope this step is the start of a ttrend in preserving nature in the area. which in turn helps preserves us, who depend on nature to survive.

 Wetland forest along the Drava River in Croatia. (Photo by Stefancek)


Barcs, Hungary 17 September 2009 – Croatia and Hungary signed today a declaration to establish a Trans-Boundary UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that will protect their shared biodiversity hotspot along the Mura, Drava and Danube Rivers. This paves the way to create Europe’s largest river protection area.

The ceremony in the presence of the Prime Ministers of Croatia and Hungary, Mrs Jadranka Kosor and Mr Gordon Bajnai, took place in the border city of Barcs, Hungary.

Given the global significance of this agreement, WWF has highlighted the leading role of the Governments of Croatia and Hungary with a “Leaders for a Living Planet” award, handed over by Lifeng Li, Director of WWF Global Freshwater Programme.

"This cross border agreement to protect an area of great natural importance will foster regional cooperation, international understanding and peace keeping – 20 years after the fall of the ‘Iron Curtain’”, said James P. Leape, Director General of WWF International. “It is not only a significant advance for the region but can serve as an example of how nature conservation visions can bring countries together”.

With rare large floodplain forests, river islands, gravel banks and oxbows, the new protected area covers a 500 kilometres section of the three rivers and about 630,000 hectares of unique natural and cultural landscapes. The protected area, which has been declared with help of WWF and partner organisations (e.g. Drava League, Green Action and Euronatur) is awaiting UNESCO approval to become a Biosphere Reserve in 2010.

The long and winding road of the Blue Danube.

Today’s agreement, which was signed by the Ministers of Croatia and Hungary, Božo Biškupić (Minister of Culture) and Imre Szabó (Minister for Environment and Water) has the potential to become the cornerstone for a five-country Biosphere Reserve shared with Austria, Slovenia and Serbia. This would create the world’s first Biosphere reserve, commonly shared by five countries.

“WWF greatly welcomes this step of the governments of Croatia and Hungary as a very important milestone for the conservation of Europe’s natural treasures,” said Gábor Magyar, CEO of WWF Hungary. “This cross-border undertaking between a current and a future EU member is a potent symbol of the proposed unification of Croatia with the European Union,” Andreas Beckmann, Director of WWF’s Danube-Carpathian Programme added.

Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor receives a "Leaders for a Living Planet" award from WWF-International Head of Freshwater Lifeng Li in recognition of her government's commitment to establish with Hungary Europe's largest river protected area.

The area is home to the highest density of breeding pairs of the White-tailed Eagle in Europe and endangered species such as Little tern, Black stork, otters and sturgeons. It is also an important stepping stone for more than 250,000 migratory waterfowls every year. “The diversity of species in this region is one of Europe’s richest. Such areas can only be topped by the tropical rainforests,” says Arno Mohl, project leader “Mura-Drava-Danube" Biosphere Reserve from WWF Austria.

Moreover, the river ecosystem is vital for the socio-economic well being of the trans-boundary region. It is a major source for good drinking water, for natural flood protection, sustainable forestry, agriculture and fisheries as well as having an important role in promoting eco-tourism, awareness raising and environmental education in the region.

“We encourage Austria, Slovenia and Serbia to join the proposed Biosphere Reserve with Croatia and Hungary to complete this green belt protecting the heart of Europe”, WWF stresses.

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ponedjeljak, 14. rujna 2009.

"FATHER"- Testing The Limits Of Metal And Alternative Music

These are the guys your televangelist always warned you about, which is a good thing. 

When I was in Croatia this past summer, I had a chance to spend a couple of days in Rijeka, a really cool city on the Adriatic coast. This city is also where one of my favorite Myspace friends hail from, a metal/alternative/progressive band named "Father".

I went down to Dallas Records, a record label and store where you can purchase lots of homegrown Croatian talent as well as t-shirts and other merchandise. Anyway, I had already listened to a few of their songs before but was finally able pick up their first cd, a superlative amalgamation of killer tunes named "Inspiritus". You can get a taste of what they are about by visiting their Myspace page at

I was also very close to getting a Father t-shirt, signed by members of the band, who said over the phone that it would be no problem. (The girl at the counter knew them and gave them a call.) Unfortunately though, the last Father t-shirt was one size too small for me. Needless to say, I was dissapointed.

But, I did at least get the cd, and have actually been listening to it quite a bit over the last few days. I really hope this band does well. They just recently made a video of their cover version of The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby and are expected to be putting out a new cd in the near future. If anyone reading this in Croatia or other parts of Europe, I highly recommend you try to catch one of their shows. They are definitely on my list of things to do when in Croatia again. Their official website is to be found at

Father playing one of their innovative songs - Machina

Cover version of The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby by Croatian band Father

nedjelja, 13. rujna 2009.

Decisions, Decisions.....

....What's a guy to do?

Well, it's a boring Sunday afternoon today. I just finished some important stuff and I feel like posting something fun yet interesting at the same time. I try to watch NOVA TV's Dnevnik news program once in while, just to keep up on the goings on in Croatia....

Romina Knežić

But lately I've found myself in a dilemna. Perhaps a reader of my blog may have some input regarding this conundrum. It seems that when I watch the news program Dnevnik (Daily Journal) on NOVA TV, I can't decide who I would rather go to bed with more between the 2 leading female newscasters, if given the choice. Ivana Paradžiković or Romina Knežić.

Ivana Paradžiković (An interesting updated post about her HERE)

As you can see by my added photos, I'm sure the male readers out there will agree. This is no easy task. And no, there is no choice #3, where you get to have them both, otherwise my question becomes pointless, it would be like deciding where you want to go to dinner or whether to go boots or sneakers. You can only choose one restaurant and one pair of shoes to eat your dinner and that's that. You can view them in action by clicking onto NOVA TV.HR.   Any comments are most welcome.

subota, 12. rujna 2009.

Blanka Vlasic Denies Being In Love With Andreas Thorkildsen

You see! You see! This is why I don't follow tabloids and probably wont post another article related to the love lives of celebrities and/or sports personalities, even if they are Croatian. (No matter how juicy the story may appear to be) This story comes out just a few days after I posted the original story. And again I say... You see! You see! Your Stupid Minds!


Source: Croatian Times

Croatia’s best female high jumper Blanka Vlasic has dismissed media rumours that she is in love with Norwegian javelin thrower Andreas Thorkildsen. The Croatian media reported last week that they had fallen in love during the recent World Athletics Championships in Berlin. Vlasic, 26, and Thorkildsen, 27, reportedly did not hide their feelings. But Vlasic has told Croatian national television (HRT) journalists those reports were false because she barely knows Thorkildsen. She knows his girlfriend and fiancée Christina Vukicevic, a Norwegian hurdler of Serb descent, very well. Vlasic is afraid their friendship could be harmed by false media reports. Vlasic ended her last relationship last year.

subota, 5. rujna 2009.

Seventh Fjaka Bikers´ Party Starts In Split

I would so love to be at this event. I think it's great that the biker/rocker movement is growing in Croatia, and elsewhere in Europe. It's in complete contrast to where I am now. It amazes me when people get so surprised when I tell them that there is a large biker, heavy music scene in Croatia. Most of the bikers around here think standing around a Tim Horton's coffee shop all night with their friends is the thing to do. Based on some of the photos I added below, I think Croatians can whoop up quite a good biker/rock event. (And the females look a lot hotter over there too - personal opinion:) There are many biker clubs to be found in Croatia, here is an addition about just one of them. More information can be found about the biker scene in Croatia at from where I attached a few of the photos below, as well as the clubs official website at: Long live Rock!

Moto Klub Fjaka website:

The seventh Fjaka bikers’ party is being held from 4 to 6 September at Kasuni beach in Split

Source: Croatian Times

The traditional parade of rockers, motors and beauties attracted around 4,000 bikers last year.

The bikers’ meeting will feature bands and musicians such as Atomsko skloniste – Zvucni zid, Azra – Big bang ST , Bijelo dugme – Bijelo dugme tribut ST, Black sabbath – Sabbath Stones ST, Metallica from Rijeka and AC/DC – Problem Child from Zagreb.

The Fjaka has been organized by the eponymous motor club that was founded in 2003 in Split to promote motor culture in Croatia and abroad.

Fjaka wants to have a clubhouse where all motor and rock &  roll lovers can gather.

Suzi Q striking a pose

Taking a ride through the streets of Split

Some footage of some of the bajkers having fun riding through the streets of Split.

Also, not to be forgotten, a very important part of the biker's festivities are the visits that they make along their routes. Bringing gifts, free rides and putting smiles on the faces of the less forunate on their stops along the way. Who says that bikers dont't care?

Members of MK Split visiting the Juraj Bonač Center for handicapped children. The children always look forward to free rides from their bajkeri. Fotogallery:

President of the club Hrvoj Dujmović enjoys giving out the gifts and shows the good hearts of the bikers by giving rides to the little ones. The head of the center, Flora Gijerski, is always proud to have the bajkers drop by to visit the children.

The bajkers say the biggest gift of all is the smiles that they put on the children's faces. All around nice guys.

For a brief synopsis of the day, click onto this link. It's in the Croatian language but I will translate it at a later time.

petak, 4. rujna 2009.

Mickey Rourke Enjoys Croatian Women And Has A Thing For Blanka Vlasic

Well, here I go again. Another tabloid related article, as much as I really don't care about what goes on in Hollywoodland, this one I couldn't resist. (Besides, a popular well known Hollywood actor likes good looking women, big surprise)  However, I've always been a fan of Mickey Rourke and am happy to see that lately he has been getting his deserved accolades and awards. (Besides, there's a lot more worse stooges from tinseltown to be going out with)  Also I'm glad that recently he had a chance to visit Croatia in person and enjoy the sights.  (I'll bet not that long ago he probably wouldn't have been able to point Croatia out on a map)  Long story short,  as expected he had a great time, so much so that he actually inquired about getting the phone number of Croatian high-jumper babe, Blanka Vlasic. (Thumbs up) But alas, the gods and goddesses and nymphs et al, had other plans.

What makes this little piece even more interesting, is that currently Blanka Vlasic has been rumored to be in love with Norweigian javelin thrower Andreas Thorkildsen. (Rumours galore in celeb and sports stars world) I guess this is just another classic example of boy loves girl, girl loves other boy, boy goes to get drunk, etc, etc. as the cliche goes, but this time with a Croatian,-Norwegian,-Hollywood twist. Ah, šta češ?? jebiga.

* For the update on the Blanka Vlasic rumour story below, see updated post blanka-vlasic-denies-being-in-love-with  (Like I said, rumours galore)

The Legendary Hollywood Actor As A Guest At The Dubrovnik Film Meeting. 

Mickey Rourke, the Hollywood actor, has arrived at the Dubrovnik Film Meeting where he is promoting his film “The Wrestler” in which he has the leading role.

The eccentric actor arrived in Croatia several days ago and headed to the elite villa “Agava” in Dubrovnik. On the same evening, the popular actor was half an hour late for the press conference held at the hotel “Excelsior”. He showed up with sun-glasses which he was wearing during the whole press-conference. As soon as he sat at the table, he lit a cigarette and started telling jokes about “The Wrestler”. One of the journalists asked him about the chain around his neck, and Rourke answered: “It shouldn’t be around mine, but around someone else’s.” Namely, the actor is still mourning his dog, Chihuahua Loki, and the chain used to be the dog’s chain. During the conference, Rourke constantly and jokingly claimed that the director Darren Aronofsky threatened him.

“He threatened that he would not pay me. He forced me to train and I responded: ‘F…, my whole body hurts.’ I used to go to the gym for eight months and practiced wrestling for another three months. It really hurt, but I didn’t want to go the doctor. I tried acupuncture,” said Mickey, who is delighted with beauty of the Croatian girls. He allegedly asked for the phone number of the number the athlete Blanka Vlasic.

At the end of the conference, the renowned actor got numerous presents including a tie with the Dubrovnik coat of arms, a golden key-holder, and a picture of Stradun etc.

After the premiere of “The Wrestler” in Dubrovnik, Mickey bowed to the audience with a bottle of bear sticking out of his pocket and headed to a private party. Rourke was accompanied by an unknown black-haired girl, but he also didn’t miss any chance of asking for the telephone number of several blondes. The following morning, Mickey was resting on the beach of the Excelsior Hotel.

Dubrovnik film meeting, August 21-24 2009. RTL Television Croatia, Antonija Mandic

Blanka Vlasic in love with Norwegian javelin thrower Andreas Thorkildsen

Source: Croatian Times

Croatia’s best female high jumper Blanka Vlasic is in love with Norwegian javelin thrower Andreas Thorkildsen.

The website Index has reported they fell in love during the recent World Athletics Championships in Berlin. Vlasic, 26, and Thorkildsen, 27, reportedly did not hide their feelings.

Vlasic, who ended her last relationship last year, does not like to talk about her intimate relationships. Asked about love, she said: "When I am in love, I am very positive".

Vlasic proved that in Berlin, where she won gold as the only athlete to clear 2.04 metres.

It is interesting that Vlasic, at 1.93 metres, is taller than her new love Thorkildsen, who is only 1.90 metres tall.

Thorkildsen is the first male javelin thrower in history to have been European champion, World champion and Olympic champion.

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