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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Decisions, Decisions.....

....What's a guy to do?

Well, it's a boring Sunday afternoon today. I just finished some important stuff and I feel like posting something fun yet interesting at the same time. I try to watch NOVA TV's Dnevnik news program once in while, just to keep up on the goings on in Croatia....

Romina Knežić

But lately I've found myself in a dilemna. Perhaps a reader of my blog may have some input regarding this conundrum. It seems that when I watch the news program Dnevnik (Daily Journal) on NOVA TV, I can't decide who I would rather go to bed with more between the 2 leading female newscasters, if given the choice. Ivana Paradžiković or Romina Knežić.

Ivana Paradžiković (An interesting updated post about her HERE)

As you can see by my added photos, I'm sure the male readers out there will agree. This is no easy task. And no, there is no choice #3, where you get to have them both, otherwise my question becomes pointless, it would be like deciding where you want to go to dinner or whether to go boots or sneakers. You can only choose one restaurant and one pair of shoes to eat your dinner and that's that. You can view them in action by clicking onto NOVA TV.HR.   Any comments are most welcome.

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