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petak, 4. rujna 2009.

Mickey Rourke Enjoys Croatian Women And Has A Thing For Blanka Vlasic

Well, here I go again. Another tabloid related article, as much as I really don't care about what goes on in Hollywoodland, this one I couldn't resist. (Besides, a popular well known Hollywood actor likes good looking women, big surprise)  However, I've always been a fan of Mickey Rourke and am happy to see that lately he has been getting his deserved accolades and awards. (Besides, there's a lot more worse stooges from tinseltown to be going out with)  Also I'm glad that recently he had a chance to visit Croatia in person and enjoy the sights.  (I'll bet not that long ago he probably wouldn't have been able to point Croatia out on a map)  Long story short,  as expected he had a great time, so much so that he actually inquired about getting the phone number of Croatian high-jumper babe, Blanka Vlasic. (Thumbs up) But alas, the gods and goddesses and nymphs et al, had other plans.

What makes this little piece even more interesting, is that currently Blanka Vlasic has been rumored to be in love with Norweigian javelin thrower Andreas Thorkildsen. (Rumours galore in celeb and sports stars world) I guess this is just another classic example of boy loves girl, girl loves other boy, boy goes to get drunk, etc, etc. as the cliche goes, but this time with a Croatian,-Norwegian,-Hollywood twist. Ah, šta češ?? jebiga.

* For the update on the Blanka Vlasic rumour story below, see updated post blanka-vlasic-denies-being-in-love-with  (Like I said, rumours galore)

The Legendary Hollywood Actor As A Guest At The Dubrovnik Film Meeting. 

Mickey Rourke, the Hollywood actor, has arrived at the Dubrovnik Film Meeting where he is promoting his film “The Wrestler” in which he has the leading role.

The eccentric actor arrived in Croatia several days ago and headed to the elite villa “Agava” in Dubrovnik. On the same evening, the popular actor was half an hour late for the press conference held at the hotel “Excelsior”. He showed up with sun-glasses which he was wearing during the whole press-conference. As soon as he sat at the table, he lit a cigarette and started telling jokes about “The Wrestler”. One of the journalists asked him about the chain around his neck, and Rourke answered: “It shouldn’t be around mine, but around someone else’s.” Namely, the actor is still mourning his dog, Chihuahua Loki, and the chain used to be the dog’s chain. During the conference, Rourke constantly and jokingly claimed that the director Darren Aronofsky threatened him.

“He threatened that he would not pay me. He forced me to train and I responded: ‘F…, my whole body hurts.’ I used to go to the gym for eight months and practiced wrestling for another three months. It really hurt, but I didn’t want to go the doctor. I tried acupuncture,” said Mickey, who is delighted with beauty of the Croatian girls. He allegedly asked for the phone number of the number the athlete Blanka Vlasic.

At the end of the conference, the renowned actor got numerous presents including a tie with the Dubrovnik coat of arms, a golden key-holder, and a picture of Stradun etc.

After the premiere of “The Wrestler” in Dubrovnik, Mickey bowed to the audience with a bottle of bear sticking out of his pocket and headed to a private party. Rourke was accompanied by an unknown black-haired girl, but he also didn’t miss any chance of asking for the telephone number of several blondes. The following morning, Mickey was resting on the beach of the Excelsior Hotel.

Dubrovnik film meeting, August 21-24 2009. RTL Television Croatia, Antonija Mandic

Blanka Vlasic in love with Norwegian javelin thrower Andreas Thorkildsen

Source: Croatian Times

Croatia’s best female high jumper Blanka Vlasic is in love with Norwegian javelin thrower Andreas Thorkildsen.

The website Index has reported they fell in love during the recent World Athletics Championships in Berlin. Vlasic, 26, and Thorkildsen, 27, reportedly did not hide their feelings.

Vlasic, who ended her last relationship last year, does not like to talk about her intimate relationships. Asked about love, she said: "When I am in love, I am very positive".

Vlasic proved that in Berlin, where she won gold as the only athlete to clear 2.04 metres.

It is interesting that Vlasic, at 1.93 metres, is taller than her new love Thorkildsen, who is only 1.90 metres tall.

Thorkildsen is the first male javelin thrower in history to have been European champion, World champion and Olympic champion.

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