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petak, 25. rujna 2009.

Miss Croatia & Miss World 2008 Contestant: Josipa Kusić

Well, you may wonder why I'm posting a piece about a former Croatian beauty queen, the 2008 Miss Croatia, Josipa Kusić, especially considering it's last years news. However, soon after winning the crown, she received a lot of flack in the press regarding an opinion she said during an interview on Croatian television. It wasn't such a big deal in Croatia and blew over quickly, but some tabloid type sites and blogs on the net had a field day with it. Here's a couple of examples:

Basically though, I agree with her.  Faggotry really is taking a stride these days. Around here it's reached pandemic proportions, believe me. (It has nothing to do with one's sexuality remember, it's about the immaturity, the drama-queens, tall-tale tellers, gossipers, overcompensating because of their own shortcomings or personal complex, obsessive inquisitiveness about who's doing who, who might be doing who or what someone says that someone thinks they did with bla bla bla, or even just your everyday nosy piece of shit, all that) Also, for some strange reason, around here the malls and libraries seem to be faggotry central in that regard.

Also the last few years spent living in my last city of residence was faggotry Valhalla. Just an observation. I've heard and seen a lot worse things coming from the mouths of celebs and people in the media on this side of the pond. Way more worse and basically founded on b.s. and totally unfounded. I could spend all day on this post giving examples.

Now, one persons faggotry may just be another persons fancy-boy, nosy goober, stooge derp or fucko-shitard or even vice-versa, I guess it all depends on your point of view. But it's everyone's right to tell it like it is. Anyway that's about it. I have a good feeling about Josipa and wish her continued success. I'd vote for her anytime.

Josipa Kusic: "I Love Stews and Rock Music"

About Her:

My name is Josipa Kusic. I grew up in Imotski, a very scenic place with the second deepest lake in Europe named the Red Lake, and 21 other small lakes. Having completed my elementary studies at Music School for piano and French Horn I am now at University, my ambition is to be a good business woman. I have recorded a CD with the Wind Orchestra HPO; won 3rd place in a European competition; played bass guitar in a band called `Blef`; have also played the French Horn at funerals; I love listening to rock & blues. My other leisure interests area: aerobics and travelling. My favourite food is the speciality foods from the Dalmatian region. Personal motto is `Healthy Mind, Healthy Body`.

Here is a little more about her from

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