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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Seventh Fjaka Bikers´ Party Starts In Split

I would so love to be at this event. I think it's great that the biker/rocker movement is growing in Croatia, and elsewhere in Europe. It's in complete contrast to where I am now. It amazes me when people get so surprised when I tell them that there is a large biker, heavy music scene in Croatia. Most of the bikers around here think standing around a Tim Horton's coffee shop all night with their friends is the thing to do. Based on some of the photos I added below, I think Croatians can whoop up quite a good biker/rock event. (And the females look a lot hotter over there too - personal opinion:) There are many biker clubs to be found in Croatia, here is an addition about just one of them. More information can be found about the biker scene in Croatia at from where I attached a few of the photos below, as well as the clubs official website at: Long live Rock!

Moto Klub Fjaka website:

The seventh Fjaka bikers’ party is being held from 4 to 6 September at Kasuni beach in Split

Source: Croatian Times

The traditional parade of rockers, motors and beauties attracted around 4,000 bikers last year.

The bikers’ meeting will feature bands and musicians such as Atomsko skloniste – Zvucni zid, Azra – Big bang ST , Bijelo dugme – Bijelo dugme tribut ST, Black sabbath – Sabbath Stones ST, Metallica from Rijeka and AC/DC – Problem Child from Zagreb.

The Fjaka has been organized by the eponymous motor club that was founded in 2003 in Split to promote motor culture in Croatia and abroad.

Fjaka wants to have a clubhouse where all motor and rock &  roll lovers can gather.

Suzi Q striking a pose

Taking a ride through the streets of Split

Some footage of some of the bajkers having fun riding through the streets of Split.

Also, not to be forgotten, a very important part of the biker's festivities are the visits that they make along their routes. Bringing gifts, free rides and putting smiles on the faces of the less forunate on their stops along the way. Who says that bikers dont't care?

Members of MK Split visiting the Juraj Bonač Center for handicapped children. The children always look forward to free rides from their bajkeri. Fotogallery:

President of the club Hrvoj Dujmović enjoys giving out the gifts and shows the good hearts of the bikers by giving rides to the little ones. The head of the center, Flora Gijerski, is always proud to have the bajkers drop by to visit the children.

The bajkers say the biggest gift of all is the smiles that they put on the children's faces. All around nice guys.

For a brief synopsis of the day, click onto this link. It's in the Croatian language but I will translate it at a later time.

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