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utorak, 13. listopada 2009.

Nobel Peace Prize For Wishful Thinking?

Ok, I am going to break my own personal oath of not posting anything, an article, video, news item, absolutely nothing about President Obama or anything having to do with American politicians. That's because I know enough to know that American politics is about as democratic as a Theocracy, Autocracy, Kleptocracy, Kratocracy or Logocracy...the list goes on. Take your pick. Actually more like a company when you think about. Anyway, I'm posting this because I am "Obama'd out". (Just made that up;) Over the past few days the newspapers, televisions , radio's and internet have been bombarded with the recent news of President Obama winning the "prestigious" Nobel Peace Prize for Peace.

I know I'm not the only one scratching their head about this one. Many high ranking politicians in the U.S. included based on some of the comments I came across. It just seems strange to me for someone to be awarded this world renown award for wishful thinking or a few "keeping my fingers crossed" speeches. No matter who he is. Sort of like giving the Portuguese winter Olympic team a gold medal for giving a good try at skiing. (I'm equal opportunity when it comes to saying something stinks)  Perhaps my feelings can best be summed up by the immortal words of Sideshow Bob, the guy you love to hate from the Simpson's television program, when he said: "Now honestly, did they ever give anyone a Nobel prize for "attempted chemistry?"

Sideshow Bob (Maybe he was on to something?)

To me it seems that even the hallowed halls of the Nobel Institute in Oslo, Norway have been touched by the tentacles of that dastardly evil entity. Yes, that term that is known the world over, and a synonym for the act of double-speak, behind closed doors shenanigans and the mirage of smokescreen democracy...."politics".

Without getting into a long winded speech about this topic,(because it really doesn't concern or interest me) but to elaborate a little more on this conundrum so as to get my point across, let me just mention a few points that were touched upon by Mehdi Hasan, a writer for New Statesman Magainze in the U.K.

A 5 time nominee, and 5 time loser of the Nobel prize even after being assassinated: Mahatma Gandhi(Sort of like the Buffalo Bills of the Nobel prize world. What's up with that?)

On the October 9th BBC news podcast he mentions that the deadline for submitting nominees for the award was only 2 weeks after Mr Obama became president.(As in 14 days or 336 hours). Also that the Afghanistan war has only escalated with an increased U.S. military contingency, doubling the size of bases like Bagram. Under President Obama's 9 month term so far, the amount of civilian deaths in airstrikes in Pakistan is more than in all of 2008 under former president Bush. I think we should melt all weapons, tanks and planes in the militaries of the world and build homes and all the rich people in the world should donate designer brand clothing to all the 3rd world countries (oops, that's politically incorrect these days, now it's "Developing Nations")..can I get my noble peace prize now? So that's my two cents, just some food for thought, now you can discuss amongst yourselves. Hopefully this my first and last post about American politicians. I'm outta here.

 Another major award around the corner?

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