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srijeda, 25. studenoga 2009.

Delicious Kremšnita, Savijača Od Jabuka, Krafne & Ana Ugarković Recipes


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These rich creamy custard filled dessert cakes (KREM-SHNEE-TA) are very popular with Croatians world wide. There's hardly a Croatian home that doesn't have this decadent dessert on the table around holidays to have with coffee, especially after a meal.

Different areas of Croatia may have small variations in the ingredients, especially around Zagreb where it is common to finish it off with a layer of chocolate on top. Then they are known as "Zagrebačka kremšnita. (There isn't a pastry shop/bakery in the capital where they aren't proudly displayed.) If one gets the chance to visit Croatia's capital city of Zagreb, definitely hop over to one of the Vincek Slastičarnica (Vincek's Pastry/Ice -Cream) shops. Well worth the effort and especially popular around holidays.....Give it a try. Njom.

Servings: 14
Prep time: 2 hrs
Ready in: 4 hrs


* 2 cups evaporated 2% milk
* 2 cups milk
* 8 egg yolks
* 1 cup granulated sugar
* 4 teaspoons vanilla sugar (or substitute equal parts vanilla and sugar)
* 1 cup flour
* 2 tablespoons clear gelatin (Knox)
* ½ cup cold water
* ½ cup boiled water
* 2 cups whipping cream
* 1 package (16 ounces) puff pastry
* powdered sugar for garnish
* strawberries/chocolate/orange slices for garnish (optional)

Common kremšnita and chocolate topped Zagrebačka kremšnita


1 Bring the evaporated milk and regular milk to a very gentle boil in a double boiler. While waiting for the milk to boil, in a separate bowl mix together the yolks, granulated sugar and vanilla sugar at medium speed with a mixer. Add flour to the yolk mixture until blended.

2 Remove 2 cups of milk from the double boiler. Add this milk to the flour mixture while continuously beating at low speed. When blended, return this mixture to the milk still in the double boiler and continue to cook until thick while stirring very frequently.

3 Mix together gelatin with the cold water, let stand for 1 minute and then add boiling water, mixing well with a fork or small whisk.

4 Add the gelatin to your custard mixture in the double boiler and continue to cook for about 5 minutes, continually stirring as it thickens. Cool custard in ice water when removed from heat.

5 In a separate bowl, beat the whipping cream until peaks form. Fold the whipped cream into the cooled custard (make sure the custard has cooled to room temperature before adding the whipped cream). Refrigerate this mixture for about 20 minutes so that it stiffens a bit and is easier to spread.

6 Trim the edges of the puff pastry sheets to fit a deep tray or baking dish. Place one layer of puff pastry on bottom.

7 Spread evenly with custard and then place second layer of puff pastry on top, pressing down slightly. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Sprinkle with powdered sugar on top prior to serving and cut into oblong pieces. Garnish with strawberry fans or chocolate dipped strawberries if so desired.

8 Believe it or not, this dessert can be made lower in fat! Replace 2 cups milk with the same amount of skim milk. Leave in the evaporated 2% milk as it stands though. You may also use the "light" version of any whipped topping such as Dream Whip, just prepare according to package directions prior to folding into cooled custard.

Additional Comments

Croatian cuisine has yet to be discovered by most people. Those who have been lucky enough to vacation on Croatia's beautiful sunny Adriatic coast have been able to experience in some of the culinary delights. Croatian cuisine is for the most part a regional cuisine on that reflects the geography, history and culture of the area. This recipe is just a small sample of decadent Croatian desserts to try.

Here's a short clip from Croatian television (in Croatian,) showing how to make Kremšnita. The visuals should help you with technique and what to expect. (a smart shortcut in pre-cutting the puff pastry btw). More videos of recipes can be found at:


Savijača Od Jabuka


I also thought I'd throw in Savijača Od Jabuka (Apple Strudel). When made from scratch it makes that store bought stuff seem like something you want to give to your dog as a treat. (Or maybe not on second thought). There's also that awesome feeling when you walk into your place and the smell of it baking is lingering all throughout your home. If you liked this one, you can also check out vids of other great tasting dessert and main course recipes here:  And for Croatian readers you can always check out the ever popular I know that some of the photos of the recipes will pique your interest.


Ana Ugarković Always Cooking Up A Tasty Dish


Ana Ugarković on

If these 2 recipes turned you on, then you may want to check out some of the recipes cooked up by Ana Ugarković, who on her show "Kod Ane" (At Ana's), presents Croatian food from all the regions and invents some interesting recipes from her experiences. Ana switched careers from being a graphic designer and studying and working abroad to moving back to Croatia in 2002 and making cooking and gastronomy her full-time passion and career. For Croatian readers, you can also catch her show on HTV1 Monday to Friday. For more Croatian recipes, you can always click onto ever popular

Here's a quick look at one of Ana's episodes. Here she's making a yummy looking dish of squid with chickpeas and Croatian chard (blitva). I really like the way she says krčkaju/simmering. (kerch-ka-yoo) Since doing this post, Ana has opened up her own eclectic eatery/bistro and bar in Zagreb, you can see what kinds of dishes she's serving up these days at

Here she makes a simple dessert...Chocolate cake with pistachios. (Torta od čokolade i pistacija)

Another good Croatian cooking and recipe site is The recipes are authentic Croatian, however the site is in Croatian too. But the videos for some of the recipes are short and to the point and let you see what the finished dish will look like and techniques/ingredients amounts . Croatian readers should definitely check it out.


Below is another dessert video example of 'Krafne' (Also known as 'Pokladnice') to help guide you. Krafne are very similar to doughnuts, but have been around much, much longer. The forefathers of doughnuts. Back in the days when Croatia was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. (Way before doughnut shops came around and now sell their mass produced pre-made, frozen,  preservative, additive, artificial this and that filled offers) You can find them in cafe's and bakeries all over Croatia, but are a specialty in the North Western parts of Croatia, and of course the capital city of Zagreb. Krafne can be filled with custard, vanilla cream,  jelly or jams, powdered on top with sugar or not. They take a bit of time to make at home from scratch, but are well worth the effort. They taste great anytime, but especially when freshly made and they're still warm and soft. You'll have to set aside about 2 1/2  hours to make them.  This recipe will make you about 18 krafne/pokladnice.


* 500 g flour (white, for bread)
* 7 g dry yeast (package for 500g flour)
* 6 egg yolks
* 50 g sugar (white)
* 1/4 teaspoon salt
* 1 cup milk
* 60 g butter
* 2 tablespoons rum
* 1 liter oil
* 200 g apricot, strawberry, or plum jam
* 200 g sugar (white, grounded or powdered)


1 Take a large pot (glass pot for salad or similar) and put in it flour, sugar, slightly melted butter, salt, rum and slightly warm milk (25-30°C) and mix well using mixer or dough-machine.

2 The dough must be smooth and shiny. Cover the dough with warm kitchen towel and leave it grow for 40-50 minutes (it must double in size).

3 Knead the dough again and cut into two parts. One part cover with kitchen towel again and thin the second part into 2 cm thick dough. Use mould for krafne or normal glass 6 cm. in diameter. Cut round pieces. Do this until there is no more dough (re-knead and do it again).

4 Now, knead the second part of the dough and do the same thing (with glass). Let it grow for more 20 minutes.

5 Take a large pot, pour 1 liter of oil and heat to 80-100°C Fry several krafne in oil; first covered (not more than 1 minute or until brownish) on one side, and than uncovered1 minute on the other side (them must not touch each other). They must have white ring.

6 When they are done, take them out of oil with hollow spoon and put onto paper towel to drain surplus of oil. Using cooking syringe put jam into each krafna. Spread grounded/powdered sugar over and serve.

Croatian gastronomy is a very big selling point of things to experience when visiting in Croatia. So much so, that this theme is included by the Croatian National Tourist Board in their yearly tourism campaigns.

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