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Monday, 23 November 2009

Now This Is My Kind Of Chick

Do fries come with that shake?

For some reason, today I feel refreshed, almost vindicated in a weird sort of way. I was just going over the front pages of some of the on-line Croatian front pages this morning, and this one peaked my interest after reading the story's title.. This chick rocks!, to put it into the vernacular. Nothing extraordinarily special about a sport fan running onto a playing field or court, but I just really like her total abandon, and wearing the flag in showing her support for her Croatian handball team. The Champion's League match was being played in Sweden between the home-side Alingsås HK and Zagreb CO. In the 7th minute with her guys down 3:2, I guess she just felt she had to do something to inspire her countrymen.

Wearing just jeans and a t-shirt with "U boj, u boj, za narod svoj" written on it, (which roughly translated means "To battle, to battle, for one's own people".), she broke protocol and did what she felt she had to do. It seems it may have been just the spark that her team needed. After being escorted off the court by the arena security personnel, Zagreb took control of the match and eventually went on to win 31:23. I have a feeling she's going to be getting her 5 minutes of fame sometime soon, if Andy Warhol was correct. Even if she doesn't , she gets a two thumbs up from me.

Sheeesh!, The things one has to do for their people.

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