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Friday, 6 November 2009

The Rijeka Carnival Snowboard Session - 2009

This piece came across one of my Google alerts today, and I must say I wish I was there. Rijeka is a coastal port city situated on the northern side of the Adriatic Sea coast, close to the borders of Slovenia and Italy. There you can find palm trees in the summer believe it or not, (although not native but planted many years ago, nice beaches, restaurants and it gives off a truly Adriatic-Baroque feel almost like Monte Carlo, it's part of the Kvarner Gulf which sort of like the Croatian Riviera. Having this winter sports competition there in November is really a cool idea I think. I currently live in a Canadian city known for the nearby ski hills and even here they haven't started anything like this yet. It must be pretty cool to be able to participate or watch the contests, with a spectacular view of the Adriatic Sea just literally steps away from downtown. I wish I was there right now to enjoy it with some of my friends that I had a chance to meet in Rijeka just this past summer, maybe next timewhen I show up in the non-summer season.

Much more information about the city of Rijeka and some of the other winter season goings on there at:






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(Yes, there is a sports life outside of soccer in Croatia)

Updated trailer from 2013.

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