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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

When In Croatia, A Končar D’22M Computer May Be Waiting For You In Your Hotel Room

Končar D’22M Computer

Source of information:

This is going to be one of my rare tech-geek type posts. I subscribe to a number of computer/technology type sites, but am not obsessed with the new toys that are coming out, sometimes daily. I have more important things to do than be concerned with the all the latest games, gadgets and basically high-priced toys that are flooding the market, relentlessly. However, this one is Croatia related. Until just about 2 years ago I didn't even know that we had our own brands of Computers/Laptops and related I.T. equipment, and how widespread their use was in Croatia. The Končar company website can be found at:

Anyway, this is just a little piece that came out last week concerning the new Končar D’22M computer, and how it is hoped that it will be found in hotel rooms and as well as homes, all across Croatia. I'm not going to bore you with all the details and specifications,(you will have to learn Croatian and check out the accompanying links), but it seems like a worthwhile enterprise and promising venture to take. I hope they succeed in their endeavors. Here is a list of the companies, educational institutions and government offices that currently use KONČAR computers and information technology.

Extract from the list of references of the KONČAR Company - Electronics and Informatics Inc, for delivery of IT equipment.

CARNET - 55 servera KONČAR LEA za Sveučilišne Internet čvorove
Vlada Republike Hrvatske - 2350 uredskih stolnih računala KONČAR
Ministarstvo prosvjete - 350 prijenosnih računala KONČAR
Tehničko veleučilište, Zagreb - lokalna mreža i potpuno opremljene 2 informatičke učionice
Građevinski fakultet, Rijeka - KONČAR Multi-Flex
Tehničko veleučilište, Zagreb - KONČAR Multi-Flex

Other major contracts by KONČAR from the period of 2002 to 2009:

ACT Plavec - Zagreb
Biros plus d.o.o. - Dubrovnik
Brkić-izumi d.o.o. - Zagreb
Comel d.o.o. - Karlovac
Crosco Naftni servis - Zagreb
Dom zdravlja "dr. Ante Franulović" - Vela Luka
Državni zavod za statistiku - Zagreb
Elektrokem d.d. - Zagreb
Erste&Steiermarkische bank - Zagreb
Euro-gradim d.o.o. - Krapina
E-vision d.o.o. - Zagreb
Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva - Zagreb
Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje - Zagreb
Filozofski Fakultet - Zagreb
Filex d.o.o. - Zagreb
Fokus d.o.o. - Zagreb
Grad Zagreb - Služba za mjesnu samoupravu - Zagreb
Grid d.o.o. - Zagreb
Hrvatska Elektroprivreda - Zagreb
Hrvatske Autoceste - Zagreb
Hrvatske Željeznice - Zagreb
Hrvatski centar za razminiravanje - Zagreb
Hrvatski državni arhiv - Zagreb
Hrvatski Sabor - Zagreb
Hrvatski zavod za poljoprivrednu savjetodavnu službu - Zagreb
Hrvatsko društvo za teorijsku i matematičku biologiju - Zagreb
INA d.d. - Zagreb
Institut "Ruđer Bošković" - Zagreb
Institut za antropologiju - Zagreb
Kazalište Gavella - Zagreb
KONČAR - Distributivni i specijalni transformatori - Zagreb
KONČAR - Elektroindustrija d.d. - Zagreb
KONČAR - Električna vozila d.d. - Zagreb
KONČAR - Električni aparati srednjeg napona d.d. - Zagreb
KONČAR - Energetski transformatori - Zagreb
KONČAR - Generatori i motori - Zagreb
KONČAR - Institut za elektrotehniku - Zagreb
KONČAR - Inženjering za energetiku i transport - Zagreb
KONČAR - Kućanski aparati d.d. - Zagreb
KONČAR - Metalne konstrukcije d.d. - Zagreb
KONČAR - Niskonaponski aparati - Zagreb
Leksikografski zavod Miroslav Krleža - Zagreb
Medialab d.o.o. - Pula
Medicinski fakultet - Zagreb
Opća bolnica Vukovar - Vukovar
Opća bolnica Zadar - Zadar
Promo partner d.o.o. - Ozalj
Strojopromet Zagreb d.o.o. - Zagreb
Šumarski fakultet sveučilišta u Zagrebu - Zagreb
Tehničko Veleučilište u Zagrebu - Zagreb
Telenerg d.o.o. - Zagreb
Ured Predsjednika Republike Hrvatske - Zagreb
Visoka pomorska škola - Split
Zagorje tehnobeton d.d. - Varaždin
Zrinjevac d.o.o. - Zagreb

List of references of the KONČAR company - Electronics and Informatics dd delivered for Advantech industrial computers in the period 2002 to 2009.

Adnet d.o.o. - Zagreb
Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje - Zagreb
Hrvatska Elektroprivreda d.d. - Zagreb
KONČAR - Institut za elektrotehniku d.d. - Zagreb
KONČAR - Inženjering za energetiku i transport d.d. - Zagreb
OTV - Otvorena televizija Zagreb d.d. - Zagreb
Wachem d.o.o. - Trnovec Bartolovečki
Zada Pharmaceuticals d.o.o. - Lukavac, Bosna i Hercegovina
Perutnina PTUJ PIPO d.o.o. - Čakovec

As a side-note, I guess I should also mention the Croatian Systems Integrator company KING ICT, which is based in Zagreb.

KING ICT is a member of the M SAN GRUPA Ltd. Their website can be found at:  They are a Croatian company in the market of distribution of IT/CE technologies also based in Zagreb.

They are the leading distributor of hardware, software and consumer electronics in the Republic of Croatia and the biggest distributor in South Eastern Europe and who's core market is Central Eastern Europe. One of the products they make are the MSGW European PC computer brand. MSGW (M SAN Grupa Windows). Above is a picture of the MSGW Infinty W7000 Computer. More information can be found at

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