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subota, 12. prosinca 2009.

You Lose Some...You Win Some.

I was just checking out quickly some Croatian sports sites and the title of this post I think is right on, anent it's title.


Not the knee...again!!?? (Foto: Davor Sajko) 

Croatia's best skier Ivica Kostelic, announced today in Switzerland that he will be going for surgery on Sunday for damage sustained on his right knee. At a slalom race recently held in France, Ivica injured his knee but it was not until after his 8th place finish that the extent of the damage was felt or known. This will be the 6th operation that Ivica will have on his knee, and it is still up in the air whether he will be able to race at the Zagreb SQT event in January. I hope he heals very quickly and is ready to go for the Winter Olympics which are set to begin in February.

Super-Sanja!  (Photo:REUTERS/Osman Orsal) 

Now for the brighter side, The 13th European Short Course Swimming Championship's which are currently taking place in Istanbul, Turkey, has brought some great news to help make up for Ivica's misfortune. Croatian Swimming Ace, Sanja Jovanovic has won the gold medal and broken another world record in the women's 50 meter backstroke, adding another, and defending her world record won on home turf in Rijeka, Croatia just last year. This girl just never quits. I posted a bit about her previously HERE, but I encourage anyone interested in her story to read a short interview (in English) about her from the Croatian daily online news site

Sanja doing her stuff


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