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Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Vip Zagreb Snow Queen Trophy - 2010 Edition

 Ana Jelusic clearing gates at the Jan 3rd, FIS Slalom Sljeme Snow Queen Trophy. (Foto: Reuters)

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I was going to post something about the recent Miss Croatia pageant winner, or the heated Presidential elections going on in Croatia right now, but figured I'll wait until a winner is proclaimed later this week after the second round voting. So, with winter being here and all that, it was time again for the annual FIS Slalom Snow Queen Trophy, which takes place on the slopes of Sljeme, just outside Zagreb. It was hoped that previous 2nd place finisher, and hometown girl, so to speak, Ana Jelusic would win.  However battling problems with asthma, she couldn't pull it off, but skied very well and finished 11th this time. Compatriot Nika Fleiss crossed the line at 22nd. So anyway, if we didn't win this year, nonetheless, the competition was a success again.


Everyone had fun, there was a 1st time winner, even the current mayor and possible future President of Croatia, Milan Bandic and Croatian skiing goddess/legend, Janica Kostelic, showed up to root and have fun. Janica also took part in the "Legends" race for charity. She and the other famous skiers helped raise over 150,000 Kuna for the nearby Bolnica Bistra, a local hospital for chronically ill children. There's also a little more good news at the end of the day concerning Croatian skiers. According to the official Croatian Ski Association website,, Ivica Kostelic will be suiting up and taking to the slopes for the Men's Title on Wednesday. (That's only about 3 weeks after his 8th knee operation!) Go Ivica!

A scene from last years 2nd run under the lights. (Image: Photobucket) .

Over 10,000 ski fans showed up for the races, and over 220 million viewers followed from televisions around the world. The women's competition is over, but now the men take over the mountain for the Men's Slalom scheduled for Wednesday, January 6th. Wish I was there. I haven't had a chance yet to ski at Sljeme, or watch the competitions, but it's on my list. I can't wait.

Nika Fleiss. (Love the sharp looking new ski suits btw.) Foto: Drago Sopta/CROPIX

Here's a short video of Ana`s run from a perspective that gives a feeling like you're in the stands.

A short very cool areal view of the VIP Zagreb Snow Queen Trophy on Slijeme.

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