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utorak, 26. siječnja 2010.

What In The Hell Is This World Coming To?

Doris Vrečko. Foto: Branka Tomić

This is just a quick post, probably best classified under just plain wrong. Facebook is offended by a photo in a Croatian account by The picture that is offensive? (See above) A breast, yes, a photo of a female breast in a fashion oriented Facebook account. Of all things to upset the Facebook people, and this is the one they chose? How outrageous. (I have a strong feeling there are a substantial amount of either Mormons, Pentecostals, Jehova's Witnesses, Evangelicals or even worse....Televangelists! Vegan-peanut butter and jam sandwich eating televangelists even. It's a fashion site for nipples sake!

I'm telling you, this world and society is sick. With the everyday news of stabbings, drugs, terrorists, shootings, mass murder, cults, all those gay horse fuck videos inundating the internet from Brazil, scandals, bribes, political blunders etc, and that's just in the state of Texas, this is not something to get upset about. There wasn't even any sex going on, or any innuendos. It was just a natural photo of a natural thing. Like you see on statues and paintings in books and museums the world over. (Except Salt Lake City or Oral Roberts University probably I'll bet. Ha! Ha!....Oral!) You see them all the time at the beach, at fashion shows all over the normal world. Slow news day or what? Pfff, priorities. It's a fashion show not a horsey stampede or a baseball game. If it was a naked nipple of Whoopi Goldberg or Richard Simmons the health guru, then I could understand the outrage.

This is just one reason why I prefer Myspace and other less known social sites, similar to Facebook but with less Big Brother and much more security and freedom of speech and expression. Besides, with applications like "What is your martian name? or "Send an invite to go skinny dipping to a friend" Whats up with that? I think this must me the "bizarro world" Jerry Seinfeld was talking about. This world really has it's priorities all wrong and fucked up. Anway, I thought this was amusing.

Facebook removes photo of Croatian model with naked breast.


Source: Croatian Times

CroModa article in Croatian at

The Facebook administrator removed the picture of a Croatian model with a naked breast from web site Facebook profile on 22 January.

The controversial photo was shot in December 2008 during Zagreb Fashion Week when model Doris Vrecko was wearing a fashion creation by UK designer Romer Bryan. The problem for Facebook was that one of Vrecko's breasts was completely uncovered and so was removed.

In her interview on Index website Vrecko, she said she had found it strange that Facbeook had removed her photo but not other offensive ones.

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