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Friday, 12 February 2010

Who's Who Of The 2010 Croatian Winter Olympic Team

Jakov Fak and the rest of the Croatian Olympic Team.

The XXI Winter Olympics are now officially underway and 2 weeks of world class competition starts. Jakov Fak, the 2009 World Biathlon Championships bronze medalist was Croatia's flag bearer. A great honor  for any athlete at a world class competition, more so when it's the Olympics. It's going to very tough getting to the podium. This is the cream of the crop, and athletes from around the world have been waiting 4 years, in some cases a lifetime,  for this moment. It's especially going to be difficult for Ivica Kostelić, our best hopeful for a medal. Changes to the rules this year in the Super Combined event will make his specialty, slalom, less of a factor in deciding who stands on the podium. Nevertheless, I know he will give his best, as all the athletes will, in doing their country proud. Also some unfortunate news to share, as Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili was fatally injured during a training run. But the show must go on. Below is a brief intro to our 19 Olympic athletes. For up to date news, schedules and results, you can visit the XXI Winter Olympics Official Website at

The introduction of the Croatian Olympic Team and "Lijepa Naša" into the stadium.

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Sofija Novoselić is a Winter Olympic rookie. The 20 year old is hoping to get some great experience, memories and maybe a podium finish. (Ronald Goršić / Cropix)

Matea Ferk was on the Alpine team in Turin.  He's in Vancouver hoping to pull an upset.(Drago Sopta / Cropix)


Tea Palić is thrilled to be representing Croatia on the ski team, and gain all the experience she can.(Damir Krajač / Cropix)

Ivica Kostelić is our best chance for a medal.  The "Majstor" won a silver in the combination 4 years ago. (AFP)

For Natko Zrnčić Dim, this will be his 2nd Winter Games.  He pulled some tricks out of the bag a few times and reached the podium,  and would love to do it in Vancouver. (Boris Kovačev/CROPIX)

This is the 2nd Olympics for Dalibor Šamša.  The combination event is where he hopes to please the ski gods. (Ronald Goršić / Cropix)

Ivan Ratkić is at his 2nd Winter Games. (Boris Kovačev/CROPIX)

Danko Marinelli would love to pull a surprise and reach the podium (Srđan Vrančić) 

Andrej Burić and Nina Brozić will be competing in the cross-country skiing event. A very demanding event. Best of luck to them. (Ronald Goršić / Cropix) 

Andrijana Stipančić Mrvelj and last years World Biathlon Championship Bronze Medalist Jakov Fak, with members of the biathlon delegation. (Davor Pongračić / Cropix)

Ivan Šola, Slaven Krajačić, Mate Mezulić, Igor Marić and Andras Haklits of the men's bobsled team. (Private Collection)

The Croatian Olympic delegation in the company of Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor. (Davor Pongračić / Cropix)

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