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Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Quick post once again. I'm very busy with work like I'm sure most of you are, and I've been following some things of interest in Croatia that are too numerous to mention all here, plus other important stuff. I also can't wait to try out my new ski equipment on the slopes in a few days. Just 24 hours in a day. Anyway, in a nutshell, here's a few things that happened over the past little while.

Photograph: Sascha Kahn.

At the European Handball Championships we did very well. Our team did better than expected because of some inconsistent play over the last while and we ended up taking the silver. Another medal to add to the list, we'll take it. I was able to catch the games and was happy to see all the fans and the players having a great time during the tournament, and the celebrations afterwards. Croat unity is alive and well in Europe. You can read the article at the bottom of this post for more on the story.

Blanka Vlasic chalked up another win at the Arnstadt Track Meet in Goteborg, Sweden. Blanka cleared a season high of 2.06 meters and looks to be in great form. I'm pretty sure the world record will be hers in the not too distant future. More information about the athletics competition can be found here:

Blanka definitely picked the right sport to pursue. Video courtesy of adidas 

The Croatian Bobsled team qualified for the 2010 Winter Olympics which begin in just a few short days. We are relatively new to the sport and have only had a couple of Olympics under our belt in this sport. The teams have trained hard in preparing for all of the qualification races and are officially in. Hope to see them do well. You can visit the official Croatian Mens and Womens Bobsleigh and Skeleton Team website for more information and photos at: For Croatian readers, here's an interesting article about the bobsled team from

A foto from the photoshoot before their departure for Vancouver.

A very, very quick look at the bobsled team in action.

Also I should mention that Croatia's new President, Ivo Josipović will be sworn in on February 18th. I already wrote some posts regarding his recent victory HERE. It will remain to be seen if the sky will turn black and Ivo will be struck by lightning. Will his horns pop up through his hair? Will the dead be coming out of their graves? Will cats be having sex with dogs? Will the Pope perform an exorcism? Will he get a big pimple on his face or nose the night before? Stay tuned, I'll have a post regarding this piece of news after the event.

Silver is like gold.

By: Björn Pazen , 31.01.10


They were extremely disappointed, missing the next title again very closely, but only minutes after losing the EURO final against France, the Croatian players had their heads held high. “This silver medal feels like gold for us,” pivot Igor Vori said. “We have a young team and we had some injuries to key players before the tournament, so we can be proud of winning the silver medal. Looking forward to next year, he said: “I hope that they play the Croatian anthem after the final of the World Championship in Sweden.” For Vori the decisive stage of the match was right before and after the break. “We let go of our lead and France scored easy goals and went away to a four goal distance.

We weren’t able to catch them,” he said. His coach, Lino Cervar, shared this opinion. “In the second half we couldn’t get any closer. France deserved this victory, as they were the better team and controlled the match.” “We can be proud on everything we’ve achieved in Austria,” he said. Wing player Vedran Zrnic, the Croatian top scorer in the final, praised the spectators, who travelled from Croatia to Austria: “They spent their money to buy tickets and to support us. This is great. And even though we missed the gold medal, we brought happiness to the people of Croatia in these hard times.” Like Vori, left back Blazenko Lackovic hopes for the future. “Maybe in Sweden we’ll be able to beat France. They’re currently the best team in the world, but I think, our time will come. It was very bitter to lose again against them, but our rate of mistakes was too high after minute 25. Despite the defeat we’ll have a great party tonight," he said.

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