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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Croatian "Hippy Garden" Fashion Line To Take Part In London Fashion Week



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Pa što??? huh??? Pa kaj??? Pa waaah???  Me posting something about Fashion? Mr anti-fashion. Mr Fuck the mainstream? Mr Take your pleats, shoulder pads and Garth Brooks shirts and...Totally unlike me. I for the most part don't particularly care about fashion trends coming out of popular fashion magazines, the runways of Paris, Rome, New York, even Zagreb these days. Heck, has anyone looked at the latest catologues from Wal-Mart or The Bay lately? And especially the gala movie premiers and award ceremonies coming out of Hollywood. But after checking out this site, (I still don't know why I did, I think it was the cool sounding name maybe), I realized that this Croatian fashion line is actually not that bad, especially when compared to some of the totally horrendous stuff I've seen on the runways on tv and fashion magazine covers.

I don't have to like every design they have, but I do like their common sense approach, with that element of edginess, hip I guess you would call it. Like I said , some of this line is comparable to todays most well know fashion houses, but a lot less expensive. Now, I have longer hair, (usually tied back into a pony tail), and have occasionally been mistaken for being a hippy, or pseudo-hippy. (That might have something to do with being a big Led Zeppelin fan too). But I even like the name too. Sounds a lot better to me than Banana Republic. I know a former Croatian girlfriend of mine that would definitely go for some of these outfits. Actually, some of them even look, dare I say it? Gothicky, in a 21st century kind of way. Maybe because my sister, who was 12 years my senior, grew up as a hippy in the 1970's has a part to play too.

Hippy Garden Promo (Thumbs up for the background music choice)

Autumn /Winter - 2006 (Great song again)

Most of their stores are currently located in Croatia, but I see no reason why this fashion line could not become popular in the rest of Europe. Anyway, that will depend on how the shows they take part in are received. It's a very cut-throat business, the mega-competitive fashion industry. Making yourself known, visible and being "out there" plays a huge part in being accepted by the masses. I don't know though how well received this fashion line would be received out here, this is the land of conservative mainstream fashion-zombies.

Anything that makes you different out here, or not in line with whats deemed "normal" (such a relative term.), will ostracize you from the Starbucks and Tim Hortons. Afterall, this is the land of ...ah..nevermind. There, now I have officially done my part for the Croatian fashion industry. If you're interested to see more about the "Hippy Garden" fashion line and check out the photos and videos, as well as dates and locations of past and future shows, you can visit their website at

"A/W09-10 review"

Hippy garden to take part in London Fashion Week


The Croatian fashion brand "Hippy Garden" will debut in London with its Aut/Win 2011 collection.

Croatian designer Djurdjica Vorkapic will present herself in a style she calls "Bohemian and sexy urban princess".

The latest collection will be showcased at LGN Events End of London Fashion Week Show and Party at Boujis nightclub in London on 24 February.

Hippy garden is a fashion aimed at powerful and decisive urban women.

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