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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Croatian Language Introduced In British Columbian Schools

 This is just a short piece of news from today regarding the introduction of the Croatian language in the British Columbia school system. Croatian has already been taught at schools across the province of Ontario for 5 years now.  Canada's largest province and my former place of residence.  It's good exposure for the Croatian language and an exelllent opportunity for those interested in learning about the language of their ancestors. For me personally, Croatian was my mother toungue, meaning I spoke Croatian at home almost exclusively until my schooling days started. I guess when I would have been 5 or 6 years of age. When I was 10 years of age I enrolled at Croatian summer school and alternately for Croatian school on Saturdays for 4 years. I did well, but if you don't get a chance to use it on a regular basis, it's harder to be 100% fluent. Nonetheless, at times I may have been rusty, but I never forgot it.

The time I spent this past summer in Croatia was proof of this, that it comes back to you, easily and without realizing it, watching TV, reading, talking to people in Croatian on a daily basis. Still. I wish they had Croatian classes at elementary and high school levels when I was younger. I hope younger people from Croatian homes take advantage of this in B.C. and see what a rich history the Croatian language has, and how beautiful it sounds when spoken fluently and without mixing in English words.  As well as for people who just have an interest in speaking foreign languages. Croatian will be the next language to be officially used when Croatia enters the European Union in the next couple of years. I know there may be times at class when one will say "booooring" as with learning any foreign language, BUT, when/if you are lucky enough to ever visit the homeland, and you are being introduced to some hot chick or guy at a party, or by relatives at a social gathering, or just going to buy an ice-cream and chatting up the hot looking babe, you'll thank me. Because you wont look stupid staring at your shoes and repeating "Da...Da". hehe. For example, the expression "Jebote, sta si ti? nekih bedast glupan ili nesto? Odjebi!" can be heard in English HERE.

Source: Croatian Times

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The Croatian language has been introduced in regular school programmes in Canadian province British Columbia.

 The Croatian embassy in Ottawa announced yesterday (Mon) that the Croatian language had been included in regular school programmes in primary and secondary schools. The embassy sees it as great recognition of Croatia’s language and identity.

British Columbian students will be able to choose the Croatian language as an optional class.

Vinodol Codex from 1288

The embassy claimed there was great interest in the Croatian language in the province.

Ontario introduced the Croatian language in its regular school program five years ago.

About 18,800 Croats live in British Columbia, compared to 250,000 in the entire country.

The Baška tablet dating from the year 1100, written in Old Croatian Glagoljica script.

"We Will Rock You" in Croatian. 

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