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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Depeche Mode Thrills 20,000 Fans In Zagreb Arena

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I just came back from Winners, (A department store in my carcass-megatropolis where for some strange reason men's ice-cream salesman shirts seem to be a very hot seller. I think it's because so when they sit around the various nauseating coffee shops, they will look like they work there.) and decided to put this one here. I have some friends in Croatia who were at this concert, and I wouldn't have minded being there myself, where people know how to have a good time. (Sorry cowtowners, me and my neighbours parakeet agree on this one, he's Canadian too, the parakeet I mean. mooo.) Plus their music brings back memories from my schoolie days. They were originally supposed to have played last September during their World Tour, but because the lead singer and front man David Gahan came down with health problems, it had to be postponed.

Now this chick on the left knows how to wear pink. (Boris Kovacev / CROPIX)

Nevertheless, the band stayed true to their word and came back to Zagreb to play for a full house at the new Zagreb Arena. This is the 3rd time they have played in Croatia and they seem to really feel at home playing in Zagreb. 2 hours of old and new material kept the fans jumping all night , including the hits that got them onto the charts back in the 80's. I may not be a fan of all of their material, just like with any band, but I can appreciate musicianship, stage presence, lyrics, and their behind the scenes real life story.

Gotta get myself a set of those horns. (Foto: Boris Šćitar/PIXSELL)

It also says a lot about a band and their music when even after all these years, they are able draw newer and younger fans. (Tickets for the show were sold out almost immediately when the concert date was announced for May.) A very large part of the audience was made up of fans who weren't even around when they first came on the music scene. At the end of the day the Zagreb fans had a great time and the band kept their promise of returning to Zagreb when frontman David Gahan's health was better.

(Boris Kovacev / CROPIX) 

The band playing their hit "Personal Jesus" to finish off the show on Valentines Day. (Contrary to popular opinion, it's not really about Jesus btw. it's a double entendre)

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