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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Making Of Omega Lithium's "Stigmata" Video

I thought this might be cool to add because I really like this band from Croatia. Also, maybe because most Croats in Wal-Mart and Taco Bell-land , that in many cases have not even visited Croatia, (Boy, are they in for a surprise, and vice-versa come to think of it.)  or read any news and entertainment sites from there, are at a loss as what to say when it's realized that religious beliefs are a non-issue with a a very large segment of the population. Most Croatians in Croatia proper couldn't care less what is being preached from pulpits in Chicago, New Jersey, San Jose or Tuscaloosa. Besides, it's my blog so I can post whatever the Hell I want. Anyway, I previously introduced the band to my blog HERE. I just really like the imagery, ambiance, and overall feel of the vid. I'm a really big fan of vampire, werewolf and fantasy movies, so that might also explain my preference. ( Bram Stoker's Dracula, Underworld. Seksi Vampirik Vixens...Stuff like that.)

This is just a short behind the scenes of how the video was made. Nothing too extravagant, or super-duper special effects, or generic music video elements, just some inside info for the Omega Lithium and gothic/industrial  metal fans out there in internetland.  I put the officially finished video at the bottom. (That's what I like about this blog thing. I'm not under pressure to appease advertisers, sponsors, special interest groups and make generally regurgitated boring, dry, done a million times before posts just to try to make everyone happy, and stifle creativity and originality. I'll leave that to the mainstream people. If you want political correctness, Facebook and Oprah are that way. )


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