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četvrtak, 11. veljače 2010.

Yes Mildred...There Is Snow In Croatia...(And We Ski & Play Hockey Too)

A snowy day in Zagreb.

A quick post here. Snowfall in Zagreb. About half the country was slowed to a stop as snowfall reached levels of 70cm up to an incredible 170 cm. The Purgeri were a little irritated with traffic slowing and having to leave extra early for work, but other than that, and a few fender-benders, everyone's taking it in stride. (Tough breed those Purgeri, "I am from Zagreb! I bring meat!) I found this amusing because tomorrow the Winter Olympic Games opening ceremonies start in Vancouver, not too far from me, and organizers are begging for snow practically. Also this will be good news for ski and snowboarders, as more and more people consider Croatia for a ski holiday. Croatia is an up and coming European destination for winter sport enthusiasts, as prices are very cheap compared to other European resorts. More snowfall is expected in the next week, so I guess they might as well get used to doing some extra shoveling for a few days. I've never spent a winter in Croatia, so call me crazy, but I can't wait to experience my first Croatian snowfall/winter, do some skiing at Sljeme, and drink some cold ones after. MMMM...I can taste them now. Either way, it's always a good day to stay inside, warm up with some vino, kava or rakija and make the best of it.

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Snowy day scenes in Zagreb.

This is one of the reasons why I think Croatia is so awesome. For a country of our size, we have it all. It's not just beautiful beaches like you see in all the tourist brochures and Croatia travel websites. I personally could never live in a country that was warm all year round, with no snow. (Must be the Russian or Norweigian in me.)  Also,  if you don't have a Winter season, you then miss out on the Autumn season, which is very cool part of the year.  Beautiful beaches, weather and popular touristy summer events are fine and well, but for..well..."Tourists". Stay tuned for some Olympic Games posts over the next couple of weeks, and maybe, just maybe,..a few pics of me doing my Ivica Kostelic impersonation.

Snowy day along the coast too, some scenes from the city of Split.

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