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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Croatia 2010 Winter Olympic Summary

 Microsoft thought Ivica's great results were worthy of having on their Bing search engine.


Foto: AFP.

I'm kind of a bit late with this, but better late than never. Croatia had a  very good Winter Olympic result from Vancouver last week.  We brought back 3 medals which brings our overall tally to 9 at the Winter Olympics, and 17 when combined with the Summer Olympics. (Not bad for a country of 4.5 million and only competing in the Olympics since the Barcelona games in 1992.) This time around Jakov Fak brought back a Bronze in the 10km biathlon sprint, and Ivica didn't let us down by taking Silver in the superkombination and the slalom.

Ivica celebrating with his famous sister Janica and father Ante after the results.

As expected, there was a big celebration party waiting for Jakov in his hometown of Mrkopalj. Also upon returning to Croatia, he was awarded the keys to 2 brand new automobiles in appreciation for his hard work in podium finishes in Vancouver and at the World Biathlon Championships last year. That's to go along with the Citroen C4 that was awarded to him just before leaving for Vancouver.

Jakov with his medal and one of his 2 newly awarded cars.

Some footage from Jakov's Bronze Medal performance.

Some of the fans who were waiting for Jakov in his hometown, Jakov Fak t-shirts et all.

Ivica's great slalom run that got him his 2nd Silver medal.

by newnewage

Ivica's run during the supercombination. On his way to his 1st medal.  
So in a nutshell, Not a bad showing at all. Also, while on the topic of sports. Blanka Vlasic was at it again, this time at an athletic meeting held in her home town of Split.  She also made a new  indoor high jump record at 203 cm. All 12,0000+ fans in attendance at the new Spaladium Arena were thrilled to see her do it in her hometown. Way to go.

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 Some footage from the track meet in Split.  

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