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petak, 5. ožujka 2010.

Call For Artist Residency In Kaštela Croatia

I decided to put this one here because a respected artist friend in Croatia is behind this one. Also, this is an excellent opportunity of aspiring, talented, creative individuals to show their stuff, and get to enjoy the beauty of the Croatian coast, including all the beautiful scenery and sights that come along with it. A great place to experiment with their art, show vision and basically just get really creative. Get rid of that ho-hum artistic vision that is prevalent in so many art stores/galleries you see these days. I also posted a couple of links to give a better idea of what's going on in Kastela and the surrounding area.


Related links with more info about Kastela:

Fox&Squirrel are delighted to announce the call for an artist to take residency in Kastel, Croatia. Our dearest Croatian friend who also happens to be one of our favourite artists Suncica has informed us of it.

* · Artist to reside in the former gatehouse of the Lipeo Castel. This is a beautiful three floor cottage with a 7x5 studio to work in. Balcony overlooks the picturesque bay (see photos below)

* · Artists can apply for a 2 week residency up to 2 months;

View Larger Map

* · The intention of the project is to inspire fresh ideas and regenerate Croatia’s art scene that for the past ten years has emphasized on the recent Balkan war, a theme that many young artists feel has saturated all arts made in this country in the last decade;

* · A longer residency is followed by a solo show in Kastel Kambelovac; A short residency is followed by an open studio night; Artists are invited to participate in a group show at a later date; Artist has the option of his stay and work being included in a documentary for the Croatian television;

* · Applicants should email a project proposal and intentions of what they will work on during their stay at Kaštel Residence, some images-clips, of their works, bibliography, to

Fox&Squirrel have attached some pictures of Kastel for you. To find out more about Kastel and its history please click here. We will be adding pictures of the residency shortly but in the meantime if this interestes you please email suncica at In your email please attach a portfolio, CV and a letter expressing your intentions for applying and outlying your proposal.

I just thought I would add this little bit too, since it's also art related. Maksimilijan Gečević is a Croatian visual artist that specializes in futuristic, science fiction type themes. A definite departure from what the above post is about, but nonetheless, good art is good art. Below is an example of one of his works. You can see more of his work here, at

And staying on this artist theme, here are a few links of photography related websites from Croatia. You can check out some of the works that photographers are coming up with these days. From hobbyists, amateurs(?) experimental images, to the more seasoned professional. From landscapes, architecture and nature scenes to experimental, urban and fashion type images. You can also see the exchange of vision and ideas that is the result of Croatian photographers working in other parts of Europe. Lots of interesting stuff:

"Devotion" by Maksimilijan Gečević

"Pekmez Med" self portrait.

One of her photographs used as background for

I also figure why not throw in this link to a young Croatian experimental photographer. Her stuff is really out there. I mean really out there. Complete opposite to the above posted links. Humourous, yet at the same time conveying a personal message, theme. I definitely see an Andy Warhol inluence here.

You know, there are probably psychiatrists/psychologists out there who would read a lot into the work of Pekmez Med. (Her moniker which translated from Croatian into English literally means "Jam Honey") Probably labeling her creativity and offbeat vision as disturbing or abnormal (as opposed to whatever normal means) I know there are pastors or religious people out there too, who would go as far as as to describe it as sick. (yep, as unbelievable as that sounds)

But that's art, to each his own. Art can't be judged by some Tipper Gore or mathematical formula and have one piece be deemed more artistic than another piece using that formula. (Look at some of Picasso's work) Just like artistic vision and talent can't be taught to someone like learning how to take apart and clean a carburetor from some booklet. As is well known, many artists do their art for themselves only, as a channel of expression, to visualize a point they are tying to convey, or just to make people think. Being popular, accepted by the masses and selling lots of artwork is many times the furthest thing from their minds. (Cool piercings btw) Here are some of her links:


Pentax 110′ photographic series.

*NOTE - At the time of this writing a Serbo Prima-bimbo and her Petra Ecclestone wannabee retardo-cowtard coffe shop friend found this addition to my blog to be amusing. After months of Serbo-bimbo cowtard games, they are still Serbo-prima bimbos and cowtard derps and nothing can change that fact.  I highly recommend they go and follow their people HERE or HERE or hurry to get tickets for the next installment of the Serbo-Trumpet Festival.

Oh yeah, don't forget to wipe that dagnabit ptarmican sauce off your cake hole after your donut burger. Full explanation at calgary-stampede-greatest-show-on-earth.

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