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Monday, 15 March 2010

...Concerts, Festivals, Events And More Concerts In Croatia In 2015

Well, since yesterdays Croatian music festival post about the Urban Festival Osijek known locally as UFO 2010, I've decided to make a quick short addition. I sort of like blogging about the music scene in Croatia. I like introducing new Croatian bands and performers to the blogger and non-blogger community. I thouched upon a couple on this blog, Father, and Omega Lithium. I don't have time touch upon the myriad of other Croatian bands and musicians out there unfortunately. I also like showing to the general readership and googlers out there that Croatia has a very vibrant music and arts scene that is growing in some cases exponentially each year. There are your traditional, historic type festivals, but also many more modern music festivals. Each festival just keeps on growing and becoming more and more popular.  There are many such music festivals going on in Croatia all the time.  Especially come the summer months. (Some very popular music festivals coming up this summer I will most likely post about as the dates approach nearer) Some of these music festivals have even been acknowledged by leading European music festival organizers, music magazines and music festival aficionados as in the top 10 best in Europe. I also like especially informing the North American Croatian population about goings on in the homeland.  It's a far departure from what is going on and thought here. (In some cases very far indeed.)

I've talked with quite a few people of Croatian descent over the last few years, and have mentioned about some of the things going on there.  Sad to say, most of them don't have a clue what I'm talking about, and not just about music. Just a few days ago I spoke with one guy about Croatia's new totally electric automobile, the XD Concept, which I posted about HERE. He thought I was joking. Anyway regarding music festivals in Croatia, There are too many too name here, including Croatian aw well as foreign headliners. You can check out the attached links if you're interested in finding out more information.

So in a nutshell here are 2 very popular concerts that are upcoming in Croatia over the next few months. The one is regarding a big outdoor concert in Zagreb featuring the legendary band Metallica.  A band I used to be very much into when I was in college, when hardly anyone heard of them, but personally think their best stuff was their first 10 years. Nevertheless, this concert has been the subject of a lot of talk in Croatia since it was first announced, so thats why I'm mentioning it.

The 2nd concert announcement is about current German industrial hard rockers Rammstein. Also another reason I'm adding this one, (with the attached video) is this: One is always hearing and seeing the hype about some artists, and the seksi booty here, the nice boobs know what I mean. You see it in the videos, on the news, the tabloids, in the papers, on the radio and all over the internet. Madonna's new outrageous vid, Rihanna's seksi new vid, Lady Ga-Ga's latest shocking attire..Paris Hilton caught kissing so and so, and is she or isn't she wearing panties...Nude Janet Jackson or Amy Winehouse photos discovered...bla bla bla. (Even when the recent earthquake hit in Haiti, when I opened up my homepage, the top of the news items was Lady Ga-Ga's new video and who she's balling. The Haiti news was somewhere halfway down. Just one example. If anyones ever bothered to google, oh say, "Croatian, European, Russian pop singers" or something like that. You will find that there are a lot hotter female singers out there, with much more risque videos and better singing voices too. Do I look like I'm going to get all hot and bothered over a nude photo of Britney Spears? pfff, lol, not likely.

So it is on that note that I am adding a Rammsteins video. Sort of like my rebuttal to all the boring endless overstated and over-rated hype, and the oohs and aahs about Lady Ga-Ga's "shocking" attire, sexually themed music and videos", and oooh, did you see theat revealing top Britney Spears was wearing? My god! I think she wasn't wearing a bra!.. etc and so on, stuff like that.

Rammstein to finally light up Zagreb Arena March 18th, 2010

Article Source:


Bombastic! Amazing! Inspiring!...And sometimes just ...... WOW! These are the most common words spoken by visitors after a Rammstein concert. And when the band goes on their 2010 European tour, it's guaranteed that there will be nothing less than a spectacular - and a fantastic show, complete with pyrotechnics, which fit a Rammstein show like white on rice. Other bands play. Rammstein burns!" This popular German band will literally ingnite Zagreb Arena on March 18th 2010. Rammstein have been around since 1994 and are one of the few bands that still play since its foundation with the original lineup: Till Lindemann (vocals), Richard Z. Kruspe (guitar), Paul Landers (rhythm guitar), Oliver Riedel (bass), Christoph Schneider (drums), Christian Lorenz. They always have a fantastic set design and during their performance will dress in various costumes, including one concert where they were dressed in diapers and maternity clothes, while the second tour was marked by corsets and military pants. They are often due to their performances found in trouble - once they were arrested for inappropriate behavior, and even accused by the moral authorities as playing the devil and ruining their children. But that's not all - there are accusations of Nazism, fascism, aggressive behavior, the connection with some violent events, the public use of sex toys on the scene, showing cannibalism and nudism in the videos .... "And those who do not understand us, really do not really want to understand" - said frontman of the band, Till Linderman.

Rammstein's popular hit about Germany, bratwurst and saurkraut.

Rammstein - Das Model from cold meat on Vimeo.

Metallica To Play The Zagreb Hipodrom, May 16th, 2010  



Metallica broke all sales records for one metal band and tickets for their concert was wrapped as a gift under more than 15 000 Christmas tree. Tickets for the Metallica concert was definitely a most wanted Christmas gift for all lovers of good music and for those who for decades were waiting for this fantastic band to struck up the Croatian air. Tickets for the FAN PIT, despite the expansion of the pit to two times it's original size, within only a few days were snapped up. The same situation was with the stands. The sale is the biggest attack on getting tickets after the U2 shows, only 3800 seats on the lawn were left at a price of 300 kuna.

The show is expected to be sold out soon, so hurry up and get your ticket now to be part of the fiercest concert in Croatia of the year. The 'World Magnetic Tour 2010' to promote the album 'Death Magnetic'. Metallica will play their greatest hits in Zagreb, and pledged a minimum of 2 hours of superb music. Of course, the guys from LA will also be bringing two opening acts, a surprise for now, but we are certain they will not leave you indifferent.

Metallica playing one of their more recent hits with Jason Newsted still in the band.  

*Updated March 19, 2010

Since the show went off without a hitch last night I thought I would add some footage from the Rammstein concert. All in all everyone had a blast, and Rammstein promised to come back to Croatia again.  

This clip I like. One of the members of Combichrist (An awesome and popular Norwiegian electro-industrial outfit) who were the opening act, sails across the sea of fans in a rubber dingy waving the Croatian flag. Tres cool.    

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