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subota, 6. ožujka 2010.

Croatia's First Electric Car Being Shown At Geneva Auto Show

The Official XD Concept Website:


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Images courtesy of Elvir Tabakovic

The 2010 Geneva Auto Show which just started a couple of days ago, and runs until the 14th of March is where Croatia's First Electric Car is being showcased. Croatian company DOK-ING is introducing the XD Concept. It's been getting rave reviews and a lot of interest from potential investors who would like to see this car put into full production and onto city streets across Europe and elsewhere. The new hybrid technology and now fully electric cars which emit absolutely 0% CO2 is where the future is headed as companies all over the world are working on making the future as environmentally as possible.

Renault and Nissan have stated that they expect fully electric cars to be the mainstay of public transportation in the future, so we might as well get used to it. They are definitely a departure from the behemoth gas guzzlers we had in the 70's and 80's, even some current models on the road, the slowly waning Hummer comes to mind first. But to get you around the city, commuting to work, to the music store to get the newest Rammstein, Jinx, Unter Null or Omega Lithium cd. The XD Concept, does everything a reliable, economical, environmentally friendly vehicle needs to do. And it actually looks stylish, kinda hip. As newer models hit the production line, I'm sure they will become even more stylish, roomy and powerful. Again, with no CO2 emissions!

The XD has a small length (2.8 meters), comfortable interior (width 1. 7 meters, height 1.6 meters), and performance of a compact sports vehicle.

The XD is a concept vehicle that seats three adults and has a powerful electric engine that is capable of achieving 0-100 km/h in 7.7 seconds. Such performance is typically only found in compact sport cars with 200 HP.

The General Director of DOK-ING, Mr Vjekoslav Majetić, has said he is constantly being asked by visitors to the auto show, when and where can they get their hands on one. For a first effort this new car is getting great interest from potential partners, and it is hoped that it will be a hot seller in 2011.

I could easily see myself driving one of these in the future... (...Down...down...down along the D3 or D8 Autocesta towards the coast, shades on and the tunes blaring...blaring like a northern windstorm that's filled with sounds of some unearthly, ancient, virile and sinewy steed,...nostrils exhaling whipping chaotic winds that time forgot,..and the smell of the Adriatic, that pungent yet old familiar salty breeze, that when you take a deep breathe and fill your lungs, it reminds you that "Hey..Ya! You're finally here! What the hell took you so long dum-dum?"..No fucktards from ghetto-city to be found around these parts,.. Check your political correctness at the door and don't forget your ticket....carcass-megatropolis is just a distant memory now, or maybe just a bad dream, like you were never even there. Out here, in the old world, the new world doesn't stand a chance...It doesn't even have a 7-11....My hair is flying in the wind, fit for a Mercedes commercial, with that semi-messy look,  like a scene out of some shampoo commercial, where your hair smells like strawberries or peaches or half a dozen other sweet smelling nectars which make you wonder if you're supposed to wash your hair with it or eat it,..and everyone looks like a model, or at least has nice teeth, and a matching complexion.. And I'm feeling like a dog set free from his dingy decrepit little doghouse, finally having the collar and chains taken off, being able to finally scratch that itch that was so hard to get at,..and making a run for the bird and cherry tree filled field up ahead. The field he would stare at after eating those godawful fatty scraps and leftovers which were mostly bones, from a tin bowl that was dented beyond belief, ,and rusty, and hadn't been washed in a week, but looked much more like it had been a month... and I'm blowing sarcastic perfectly timed smoke donuts at the screeching zig-zagging seagulls flying circles and figure 8's overhead, because the serendipitous irony and déjà vu timing called for's just around the bend now, one final turn then the home stretch, home sweet home.(Was there any doubt?) These are the times that make you glad to be an Aries, carnivorous and Croatian on top of it all.  Everything that really matters always comes in 3's.(So they say)...Some witch I used to know told me that, but she sure didn't look like the witch from the Wizard of Oz....he he. There was a line from a movie once, I can't remember which one it was. But I'm pretty sure it had Marlon Brando in it. (Which movie doesn't?) Something about you've never really been anywhere until you've watched the stars from the Empire State building, but that guy had it all wrong...He's never been to the Adriatic,(pity). Especially approaching it at sunrise, and all the fields around you are bluish and green, mist covered and liquidy, like Lada herself painted the fields with her paintbrush made with the branches of olive and cherry trees,and tightly tied sheathes of wheat,.. ...And when you see the blue-blackish sky trying to hold on just a little bit longer, but it knows it's time is done,(for now) ..Reds and Blacks and everything in between, that's when the sea suddenly comes alive and then that's when the stars give the best they can.....(Wait!!! Is that Lepa Mara I see walking by the seashore in the distance? I think I need a kava).. Pedal to the floor now, the mist on the horizon, time to breathe it in,...the seagulls moving to the background like they were just a momentary nuiscance to help you forget... Robert Plants voice still sounding good on the speakers and making spirits move even after all these years. Time to change the radio station,..this intro needs the proper tune. Maybe something with some synthesizers and a hard base to scare the bejezus out of out of the seagulls, ..and lusty female voice, or no voice at all. Damn! I can't wait to see Zrinka again and tell her to make it a double portion this time, extra onions and ajvar....If the...)...Oh yeah, where was I?.. Anyway, Best of luck to the new Croatian XD from DOK-ING

For more information about the XD Concept, visit the official website at:

Interview with Igor Jurić, designer of XD concept car, explaining how he envisions this new Croatian brand, to be the most predominant automobile on Croatian streets and highways in the near future. From HTV (Croatian TV)

Footage from the Geneva Auto Show. The people behind the XD Concept explain how this auto show has garnered a lot of attention not only to the car which is getting great reviews around the world for its performance and design, but also to Croatian know how and future possiblities. They could have made an even more powerful and roomier automobile, but this design best suited the overall eco-friendly selling point of the XD Concept.From Croatian Dnevnik HRT1 Television. (I looked into it, but unfortunately none of the auto show models come with the keys to the car)

A short promo spot of the XD Concept with statistics about the car. (I didn't pick the music btw)

And even though it's still quite early, and first things first as the saying goes, Mr Jurić has already come up with a design for a roadster version. Very nice. (Click the pic for a bigger view)

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