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petak, 12. ožujka 2010.

Fashion.Hr Dove Campaign Fall-Winter 2010/2011

At a press brunch Dove Fashion.Hr presents a completely new campaign.

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The People's Lounge bar served as an ideal location for today's casual socializing of journalists, editors and designers like Zoran Mrvos, Robert Sever, Branka Donassy, I-GLE and eNVy room.

The Press brunch of Dove Fashion.Hr was used as a staging ground for the premiere presentation of visuals, images and video campaigns for the autumn-winter season of 2010/2011. Chosen as the public face for the campaign was Lana Petanić from Talia Model Agency, who will appear in all the various forms of external communication and public presentations of DOVE FASHION.HR.

Lana Petanić.

Lana is the subject of the lens from the award-winning photographic duo of Decker & Kutić. Lana posed for the three original photos, and the famous director Vanja Vascarac is credited with being the director of the avant-garde video campaign. Signed for the makeup was Sasa Jokovic for Vrban & Joković, while the hairstyle was done by Mile Santini for Zagreb's Glamor. Styling and the creative leadership was designed from the team of FASHION.HR in collaboration with the studio Decker & Kutić.

One of the photos of the campaign featuring Croatian model Lana Petanić.

The creative team FASHION.HR commented with a stylish but conceptually distinct campaign: "The beauty of silence. We didn't want to communicate a clear and explicit "fashion slogan." In regards to the times in which we are entering, the tactic of subtleties is an important link in the provocation of individual reactions. The visual elements are all conventional, classic beauty, but the events around the model we wanted them to break, delete, reinterpret, conflict ... The location of the Museum of Contemporary Art has played an important role in our considerations, because first we always try to introduce something new and different. We wanted to unite a number of elements in one story, while avoid trivial motives. "

The video and image campaign is one of the peaks of the philosophy of "the synergy of talented individuals," which symbolizes the main backbone of this season's DOVE FASHION.HR.

What awaits us?

During the three days of the DOVE FASHION.HR fashion shows, collections will be introduced from Ivica Skoko, Envy room, Natasa Kos, Zoran Mrvos, Ivica Klaric, Igor Galas, Alexander Dojčinović, Ana Maria Ricov, Robert Sever, Branka Donassy, Ivan Barac, and I -GLE.

The Director of Dove Fashion.Hr, Vinko Filipić, in the company of some of the designers.(Luv the totally opposite of the Starbucks and Tim Hortons decor, btw)

The exclusive showroom presentation will for the first time present for the public the Croatian fashion line and brand "GOODS", which in it's short time, and because of it's innovation, has been a winner in Paris, London and Milan.

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