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petak, 5. ožujka 2010.

Cooking "Croatian Style" With Ana Ugarković

Ana Ugarković on

If creative, great tasting Croatian recipes are on your mind, you may want to check out some of the recipes cooked up by Ana Ugarković, who on her show "Kod Ane" (At Ana's), presents Croatian food from all the regions and invents some interesting recipes from her experiences. Ana switched careers from being a graphic designer and studying and working abroad to moving back to Croatia in 2002 and making cooking and gastronomy her full-time passion and career. For Croatian readers, you can also catch her show on HTV1 Monday to Friday. For more Croatian recipes, you can always click onto ever popular


Here's a quick look at one of Ana's episodes. Here she's making a yummy looking dish of squid with chickpeas and Croatian chard (bltiva). I really like the way she says krčkaju/simmering. (kerch-ka-yoo) Since doing this post, Ana has opened up her own eclectic eatery/bistro and bar in Zagreb, you can see what kinds of dishes she's serving up these days at

Another good Croatian cooking and recipe sight is  The recipes are authentic Croatian, however the sight is in Croatian too. The videos for some of the recipes are short and to the point to let you see what the finished dish will look like when finished. Croatian readers should definitely check it out. Below is an example:

Croatian gastronomy is a very big selling point of things to experience when visiting in Croatia. So much so, that this theme is included by the Croatian National Tourist Board in their annual tourism campaigns.

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