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ponedjeljak, 22. ožujka 2010.

Ivan Ljubicic Triumphs at Indian Wells, Blanka Vlasic Defends World Indoor High Jump Title

 Photo (AFP)

I guess sometimes Tennis players are like wine, they get better with age. Ivan Ljubicic is proof of that. What a crazy weekend, but in a good way. Turning 31 during the Indian Wells tournament and knocking off 3 heavily favoured Top 10 players in the world. Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and then Andy Roddick in the Final match yesterday.  In the process he captured his first Masters 1000 title. As ironic and comical as this sounds, it was the 6'-4" Croat who ended up playing the part of the giant slayer.


Ivan celebrating with his wife after the win. Photo (AFP)

Ivan has taken a backseat lately with the up and coming Marin Cilic getting most of the publicity after winning tournaments and making it to the Quarter-Finals of the Australian Open. But at the end of the day all you can say is "Sweeeet". Maybe he'll pull an Ivanisevic and out of nowhere, pull off some upsets and take another major tennis trophy. (I think you know which one I'm talking about....Strawberries and cream anyone?)

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I also decided to throw this one in because it shows proof that I am not the only Croat in the Western Hemisphere with hair touching his ears. (There was one supposedly sighted in Milwaukee in 2005, but it turned out to be false alarm. It was just  a guy from a Dokken tribute band that was in town from Pittsburgh and he got lost)

Even the gang from showed up.

Blanka Vlasic defends her gold indoor world championship highjump title

Photo (AFP)

This is from about a week ago. Not much for me to add here. Blanka just keeps on trucking, as the saying goes. Winning these athletic high jump meets is becoming almost a routine for her. She just makes it look so easy. It's something though that no Croat is getting sick of, by any means. Best of luck to her in getting the world high jump record which is just within her grasp. Boy, is Croatia and especially her hometown of Split going to have a party then.

Photo: (Xinhua/Chen Shaojin)

Blanka during the singing of the Croatian National Anthem. Photo: (AFP)


Sort of a Blanka montage and cheer song.

And lastly, I just found this out now, and only have time to post a quick link. Our Croatian National badminton team won gold and reached 2 finals at the International Badminton Championships which were held in Zagrebs Dom Sportova earlier this month.

Zvonimir Đurkinjak and Stas Poznanović defended the title they won last year in mixed doubles, while the male and female pairs won silver. Not bad at all.


Matea Čiča and Staša Poznanović. Photo Tomislav Miletic/ PIXSELL

Croatian intercontinental 2010  Photo: Tomislav Miletic/PIXSELL

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