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nedjelja, 7. ožujka 2010.

Zagreb Medveščak advance to E.B.E.L Semi-Finals.

Medveščak Zagreb(Zagreb Bears) had a wild one a couple of days ago. Playing in front of a packed house at Dom Sportova, as usual, they beat the Graz 99ers from Austria, and are now in the E.B.E.L semi-finals. Not bad for their first year in the 10 team, 4 nation, Austrian Hockey League.

Foto: Martina Horvat 

The "Purgeri", have really fallen for their Bears, somehow they were able to fit 200 more people into the arena for this game than the 6000 capacity allows. With popularity of the Bears growing, they may have to move out of Dom Sportovi and into the new Arena Zagreb. If they pull the upset of the year and actually win the Championship, they just may have to do that. Best of luck to them. More information can be found at the Medveščak Zagreb Official Website at or the Erste Bank Eisenhocky Liga at:

Foto: Kristijan Komarica


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Damir Krajač / Cropix

Croatian Times

The Zagreb Medvescak ice-hockey club defeated the Graz 99ers yesterday (Thurs) by a score of 5:2 (2:1, 1:0, 2:1) in front of 6,200 spectators at Dom sportova hall in Zagreb.

The scorers for the Zagreb club were Thomas Guidarelli, Kenneth MacAulay and Mike Ouellette and for Graz Martin Oraze and Rodney Jarrett.

The victory advanced the team to the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga (EBEL) semi-finals.

The Bears won’t know who their opponent will be until Sunday, when Red Bull Salzburg and Klagenfurt will play for the seventh time this season.

Photo Antonio Bronic/ PIXSELL

If Red Bull wins, the Bears will play them. If Red Bull loses, the Bears will play the Vienna Capitals.
The first semi-final match is scheduled for 11 March at Ledena ice rink at Dom Sportova hall.

Staying on the sports theme today,and besides I don't really feel like doing the Starbucks thing, hanging around a mall ad nauseum or walking around downtown which consists of a 2 1/2 block stretch of nothing or hanging around ghetto-mutants,...The Croatian National Soccer Team had a friendly match with Belgium recently. It didn't mean anything, but is just preparation for the upcoming European Championships Qualifying which will be starting up very soon. The game was not Croatia's best effort, but still ended up with the 1-0 win. Expect a lot of new faces this time around, this will also be one of the last few times the team will be seen with this edition of jerseys. I personally can't wait until they get rid of Nike and hopefully get Adidas, Puma, or make our own. I mean we can make tanks, huge ships, computers, fashion lines of clothing and cars now, but not jerseys? wtf? This edition is my least favorite so far, and I've had them all. The home jersey stayed the same more or less, this time with gold trim and numbers, but the away blue is kinda "whatever" for me. Maybe with the crest and numbers on will give a better impression. Here's what the new jerseys will look like for the Euro qualifying. Below that are my 2 favorite versions of the away blue. You can watch the highlights of the friendly at the very bottom.


*Updated May 21, 2010

I got a better chance to see what the new jerseys look like in action and see the full effect of the design and actually have to say I think this edition looks the best yet.  The accent on red throughout really works for me. This one will also probably be hanging in my closet.  Here's a better look at the new Croatian kit from a recent friendly with Wales played in Osijek.  Images courtesy of

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