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nedjelja, 11. travnja 2010.

First Croatian Train - Designed and Made in Croatia

Well, this will be my last addition to this blog for a while. I'm very busy these days, and have another 2 blogs that are specifically oriented towards subjects that I especially find interesting and intriguing and that require a lot of time and research, however not so related to these topics, as well as other important stuff to do. I'm sure you can understand. I hope the readers in internet-land find interesting what I have so far talked about here. So on this note, I think this is a pretty cool item and another Croatian first, this will have to do for a while....Vidimo se.

Designed and manufactured in Croatia, it will seat 1500, have 50 computers and travel up to 160 km.

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Končar has invested 100 million kuna into the developement of the train, and several decades of experience in the manufacturing of locomotives, which Koncar has exported at a value of 1.2 billion Euros.

Croatia is already proud of it's low floor electric trams (CROTRAM), which have been getting accolades and interest from European capitals, and carrying passengers in the capital of Zagreb for a few years now, but now they can add their own low floor electric trains which are fully designed and manufacutured in Croatia by Končar Električnih Vozila (KEV), or Končar Electric Vehicles. (You can also add on the list the recent news of Croatia's first electric car which I previously mentioned HERE)

The train returned to Zagreb at it's birthplace at the KEV factory, after having travelled 4000 km in neighbouring Bosnia-Hercegovina, which purchased the train. It was being tested on it's railways since mid-March. The train howeve,r was more tested on Croatian railway lines, reaching speeds of 176 km/h, because the speed limit in B-H is only 70 km/hr.

The President of KEV, Ivan Bahun, said it was a demanding task to find the solution to develope and manufacture Croatia's first fully electric train. It's a very complex process, and only 6 European countries have succeeded in accomplishing the same. Something not even major powers like Russia and China have yet succeeded in accomplishing.

Without boring people with the specific statistics related to the construction of a low floor electric train with a high center of gravity, (which are impressive) the trains will include such things as completely computerized management and communications system. The control system will consist of 50 computers which will manage everything, including every single door and even the toilets. The trains will be under constant 24 hr surveillance, including the drivers cabin. (But not the toilets). They will also all be fully air conditioned.

Multiple controls will allow them to connect three trains and transport 1500 passengers. Končar will also be working in parallel with the Croatian company TŽV Gredelj, to work on an almost identical prototype for Hrvatska Željeznice (Croatian Railways), which will be completed in the fall. However unlike the B-H train which will have a cafe and LCD TVs, those will have 1st and 2nd class instead.

Update September 25th, 2010- An inside view of the new low-floor train before a test run in Zagreb, and a very short clip from it's test run in B-H.


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