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Saturday, 19 June 2010

57th Pula Film Festival Taking Place In Croatia - July 10th-24th, 2010

Opening Night of the Pula Film Festival in 2009

From the Official Pula Film Festival Website:


The National Programme of the 57th Pula Film Festival and the preparations for this year's edition of the Festival were presented at a press conference held on June 17th, 2010 at the European Home in Zagreb.

The National Competition Programme of the 57th Pula Film Festival shall present ten films, out of which seven in the principal section and three in the minority co-productions section. It is interesting that films tackling love problems and adultery dominate this year. Out of seven films in the principal section, there are as many as six world premieres. An independent film, the science-fiction drama The Show Must Go On by debut director Nevijo Marasović shall open the Festival. There are two more debutants in the competition: Ivan-Goran Vitez who shall present his dark humour action film Forest Creatures and Danilo Šerbedžija with his dark comedy 72 Days. Dalibor Matanić shall present his drama film Mother of Asphalt and Ognjen Sviličić his 2 Sunny Days. Director and video artist from Spit Dani Oki shall showcase his drama The Performance which shall be presented in digital HD format at the Valli Cinema. The only film from the principal section that has already been seen in Croatia (outside Istria) is the love drama Just Between Us by Rajko Grlić.

Among minority co-productions there are four films co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia in whose creation Croatian co-producers and film artists participated. The Croatian story was directed by Ivona Juka and the Croatian co-producer is the production company 4Film (Anita Juka). The second one is Jasmila Žbanić’s drama On the Path, starring Zrinka Cvitešić and Leon Lučev and the Croatian co-producer is the production company Produkcija Živa (Leon Lučev). Bosnia and Herzegovina director Adis Bakrač directed the film The Abandoned with Mira Furlan as lead actress, co-produced by the Zagreb-based production company Olimp Film (Mario Vukadin).

Serbian director Srđan Karanović shall present (out of competition) his film Besa, featuring Miki Manojlović. The Croatian co-producer and director of photography is Slobodan Tminić.

Statutory changes

At the Pula Film Festival Council meeting held on June 16th under the chairmanship of Minister of Culture Mr. Božo Biškupić a new Statute of the Festival was adopted allowing for co-productions with a minority Croatian share to be presented for the first time within the framework of the National Programme in the Arena. According to the former Statute such co-productions could not participate in the programme. The National Programme of the Festival now has two programme sections: the principal section and the minority co-productions section.

The films in which the Croatian production share or the participation of Croatian film artists accounts for more than 50%, as well as those that were granted financial assistance by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre as Croatian productions of feature-length films, can participate in the principal section of the Festival’s National Programme. Multilateral co-productions with the Croatian share of more than 10%, as well as bilateral co-productions with the Croatian share of more than 20%, can apply for the minority co-productions section of the Festival’s National Programme. The co-productions which do not meet these requirements can be presented out of competition.

The jury of the National Programme can grant up to three Golden Arenas for minority co-productions in all categories in which the Grand Golden Arena and the Golden Arena are granted. Minority co-productions can also be granted the Golden Gate of Pula award (audience award in the Arena for best film of the National Programme) as well as special awards by Croatian and international critics and young film lovers.

Trailer for the Pula Film Festival

The Pula Film Festival channel on Youtube

For information on dates, tickets, awards, schedules, films, visit:

First films selected for the international programme

At a press conference held on 31 March 2010 in Pula, the Pula Film Festival presented half of the twenty films from the International Programme, selected from world’s biggest festivals for premiere screenings in Pula. Furthermore, other preparations in terms of the programme and organization of the 57th Pula Film Festival were also discussed. Artistic Director Zlatko Vidackovic, Festival Director Zdenka Viskovic-Vukic and Festival Producer Tanja Milicic spoke at the press conference.

Europolis-Meridians International Programme shall opene on July, 10th with the film The Duchess by Saul Dibb. This British costume romantic drama about a young woman torn between her marital duties and her true love features Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes and Charlotte Rampling. The film premiered in Toronto, won the Academy Award and the BAFTA Award for Best Costume Design, and Ralph Fiennes was nominated for the Golden Globe.

From the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Festival comes the historical epic Tsar by Pavel Lungin. The film centres on Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible who expects to find an ally in the new Metropolitan Philip but falls deeper and deeper into fanaticism.

The Turin Film Festival premiered the French road film Give Me Your Hand (Donne-moi la main) by Pascal-Alex Vincent about a pair of twins who never knew their mother and who decide to go to Spain to her funeral.

 Veliki san (Il Grande Sogno), red. Michele PlacidoItalian actor and director Michele Placido, whom Pula remembers by the film Crime Novel (Romanzo Criminale), directed the semi-autobiographical film The Big Dream (Il Grande Sogno) that follows a young police officer who decides to become an actor during the student movement in 1968. The film comes to Pula from the Venice Film Festival competition.

The Czech film shall be represented with the drama English Strawberries (Anglické jahody) by Vladimir Drha. The film describes how a small place in the Czech province reacted to the Soviet intervention in 1968. The film was presented at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

From the Venice Film Festival comes the winner of the FIPRESCI Award and the SIGNIS Award – the much-praised drama Lourdes by Jessica Hausner, an Austrian, French and German production. A wheelchair-bound girl makes a journey to Lourdes hoping to be able to walk again. The film was also awarded at the Viennale where it won the Grand Prix.

The American independent film A Single Man is a famous fashion designer Tom Ford’s directing debut. The film stars Colin Firth as a literature professor who losses his partner and after a period of bereavement finds beauty in small things in life. The film premiered in the competition of the Venice Film Festival where Colin Firth won the Coppa Volpi Award for Best Actor. The same role also won him the BAFTA Award and Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations.

From China comes the crime thriller Accident (Yi Ngoy) by Pou-Soi Cheang centred on an assassin who works by orchestrating fatal accidents but suspects that accidents that happen to his team are also orchestrated. The film screened in the competition of the Venice Film Festival.


ArenaVečernja projekcija u Areni

The National Programme of the 57th Pula Film Festival will be held from 18 to 25 July.

35mm films shall be presented in the ancient Roman Arena, that can host up to 5000 spectators, and HD films at the new cinema, named after Pula born diva Alida Valli.

The Festival shall also screen the best Croatian shorts and documentaries, pay tribute to the winners of Croatian film awards for life achievements , but also present excerpts from Croatian feature-length films in production (Work in Progress).

Pula Film Festival, founded in 1954, is the oldest and the most popular Croatian film festival (70 200 spectators at the 56th edition).


The Croatian Films Focus of the 57th Pula Film Festival will be held during 4 days of the Festival (to be announced soon). In this programme Focus participants will have the possibility to see all the new Croatian feature films and the very best of new Croatian documentaries and shorts in just 4 days. Some of the screenings are in the regular Festival schedule, while some screenings will be organized especially for foreign festival directors, selectors, journalist and critics – participants of the Croatian Film Focus.


On Saturday, 24 July 2010, at the Valli Cinema the Croatian Film Marathon shall take place and screen all films from the National Programme of the 56th Festival.

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