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srijeda, 30. lipnja 2010.

Croatian Butt Helping To Promote Slovenian Tourism Campaign.

 An image from the Slovenian tourism spot in Portorož, Slovenia.


This amusing little article that caught my eye the other day, I would probably classify this under...well...I guess.. 'amusing'. It concerns the current Slovenian tourism campaign which is starting to hit high gear right about now. Their slogan this year is "Doma je najlepše - slovensko morje vabi” (Home is the most beautiful - The Slovenian Sea invites you")  The tourism industry is very competitive and  means big bucks for alot of European countries, perhaps more so when it comes to where you are going to stay along the Adriatic Sea this summer for a vacation. The campaign is also directed at Slovenians, to stay in Slovenia for their vacation and enjoy what their own country has to offer. Nothing wrong or surprising about that.

Another photo featuring Lidija from the Slovenian tourism campaign.

But there's a catch. Well, an amusing sidenote to Slovenia's campaign anyway. It seems the bikini clad babe that is gracing the billboards in Slovenia, and elsewhere in Europe (Including Croatia) is actually Croatian. The model, who was born in Županje Croatia, and is currently attending University in Zagreb is 23 year old Lidija Lešić. She's also been modelling for Zagreb's Talia Model Agency for the past 4 years and has worked in other parts of Europe. You can view her agency profile here:

Lidija in a previous spot for Croatian 'Studena' bottled spring water.

Lidija on the catwalk at a fashion show.

Anyway, She said she had fun doing the shoot, and that the Slovenian tourism people didn't seem to make it an issue. They thought she looked ideal for the tourism campaign and that was the bottom line. At the time of the photo shoot the water was still fairly cool, so she only went up to her waist. Lidija also didn't seem to mind doing a campaign for the rival Slovenian tourism campaign because to her the most important thing is that the campaign will promote the whole Adriatic Sea and bring awareness to it as an ideal summer vacation location. She is also stated as saying, that the beach in Portorož was nice, but that this summer she will be spending her vacation along Croatia's Adriatic coast instead, with her boyfriend and friends. Like I said... amusing.

Diana Viljevac Design: SummerBreeze collection featuring Lidija Lešić

Diana Viljevac Design: SummerBreeze collection from Luka Sepcic on Vimeo.

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