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Saturday, 19 June 2010

John Malkovich Featured In Independent Film Documentary - "Flipping Uncle Kimono"

Like I mentioned previously on my blog, I don't particularly follow the tabloids or goings on from Hollywood, but I thought I'd quickly throw in this amusing short independent documentary. I saw this on TV shortly after it was released a few years ago and found parts of it hilarious. Also because John Malkovich is a very well known actor/producer/director and now these days a fashion designer, who happens to be of partial Croatian descent. (see video at bottom). His paternal grandparents actually coming from the same small area near Karlovac where mine are from.

You can read the synopsis below to get the gist of it. I'm sure this will be the last post regarding Hollywood for a very long time. You should at least get a few chuckles from it. (His girl collar sweater remark though, in my opinion, could easily be applied to a mall, food court, coffee shop, college campus, grocery store or sidewalk, library, you name it. Easily). Also, if by chance you happen to like some of the fashions that John came up with, and have the extra dough, (Check out some of the crazy tee's) then you can click onto his Uncle Kimono fashion line website at

*May 24, 2012. - Since this post was made, it seems John has started yet another clothing line which he's named "Technobohemian". The official website is, it used to be but that's the fashion world and brands spinning vortex of chaos for you.

* Update - nix the previous links, it's actually now, he decided to just name the website after himself, that link will work probably.

A short preview of "Flipping Uncle Kimono" proving nothing was scripted.


Actor/Designer John Malkovich and business partner Francesco Rulli summon a tv producer to Milan to document and participate in his unconventional fashion show. Rather then using regular models, Mr . Malkovich plans to have 20 Judo fighters beat each other up while wearing his designs. They will do this on a stage, in front of a live audience, with Mr. Malkovich directing all the action. He will also direct the 3 cameras of the Fashion Television crew as they film the event. The Hollywood star has 3 days to pull this unusual spectacle together. The tv crew follows Mr. Malkovich as he oversees fittings, tries to choreograph a group of Italian fighters, and drives to the factory where his clothes are manufactured. Along the way, we learn of his mother's agorophobia; that his children think he's a loser, and the voracious eating habits of his wife.

"Flipping Uncle Kimono" - Chapter I. (video courtesy of

Chapter II.

Chapter III.

The much talked about "smoking a cigarette scene" from "Flipping Uncle Kimono"

The "shocking and controversial translator scene" from "Flipping Uncle Kimono"


Language: English
Year of production: 2005
Length: 1 hour
Country: Canada


Francesco Rulli
Howard Brull


Francesco Rulli .... producer
Howard Brull .... co-producer
Marcia Martin .... executive producer


Howard Brull .... Himself
John Malkovich .... Himself

Sidenote: I've come across a fair amount of misinformation on the net over the years regarding the Croatian roots of John Malkovich. (Mostly from you know who's, or possibly just plain bad journalism) Usually with proofs such as something like "A woman told me she met a man who read somewhere that a woman who used to do his dry cleaning who met a guy who told her that he read somewhere that he's Serbian" or "Some Serb guy on a website said his cousin knew a guy who told and him...bla bla bla." It reminds of those early 90's faked stories about Richard Gere and his gerbil.

I touched a bit more on this topic at a post Here. (I left another example below, but blacked out the 2 that would have been very embarrassing to the supposedly esteemed sports related websites, the remaining 3 took the 404 highway route). Serbs like this are found at various chit-chat sites here and there, along with their serbo-centric world view, klepto-complexes and narcissistic overcompensating. (Sometimes you may as well not even say someone is German, Russian, Greek or Italian or other, with these kinds of people, because they're serbs anyway so it's really all Serbia according to their logic and hobby of inventing histories for people, oldest most accomplished people in the history of the world. Serbian heaven, serbian grass, serbian milk, serbian lands everywhere...etc etc etc..bla bla bla). Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, here is short footage of Mr Malkovich, during the Serbian/Yugoslav aggression on Non-Serbs in the 90's. Here he is reciting the Croatian National Anthem (Lijepa Naša Domovino) for a project to help immediately put an end to the carnage. Now you know, problem solved. Some more footage of him from another recent stop in Dubrovnik Here.

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