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Sunday, 4 July 2010

3rd Annual Mediterranean Film Festival Split Taking Place

I heard of this up and coming film festival last summer when I was vacationing in Split, but I didn't get a chance to really look into it before.  It seems to really have gained in popularity and developed a niche crowd for itself.  It isn't all about just watching films on the big screen either. Lots to see and do, including insights from the film makers, workshops and of course the opportunity to meet like minded film buffs and throw back a few cold ones.  There are tons of film festivals going on in Croatia, especially during the summer months, but for some reason this one really appeals to me.

A couple of the more well known Croatian film festivals I've posted about previously on this blog. HERE and HERE. It's popularity is shown by it's attendance of about 700 visitors last year to over 7000 this year. I like the ambiance and feel of the festival, very earthy surroundings, interesting films, and a really cool  atmosphere to the week long event. And the beach is just a hop and a skip away if you have some time to kill. The festival kicks off every May.

 Sitting around having drinks and talking about films

Some footage of behind the scenes goings on during this years edition.

 Good eats too. 

I see this film festival becoming more popular every year, but it still has a way to go before you start seeing world famous movie stars and personalities showing up. This isn't what the organizers of the film festival had in mind anyway I don't think. Mind you, Split already has other popular festivals, so this Mediterranean Film Festival Split (Festival mediteranskog filma Split) is not to be confused with the more well known Split Film Festival, The Split Summer Festival and defintely not the world renown Banana Split Festival in Wilmington Ohio. Also, like I mentioned previously on this blog, there also seemed to be waay less Fucktards than I'm accustomed to seeing. Anyway, more information can be found on the official website of the Meditrerranean Film Festival Split at


There are many events that go on besides the showing of the films. The childrens workshops have also become very popular.


The younger people get to talk about films, and get insight about the how's, why's and perspectives of the film makers and actors.

For more information you can visit the festivals official website at:



Day 6 from this years festival

Festival, dan šesti from FMFS on Vimeo
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