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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Cro Cop Visits Young Kickboxers In Karlovac



Karlovac, 22.07.2010., 21:34 | V.H.

This is a story one can be proud of. A story about 3 boys that will not leave you indifferent. A story about a single mother and her three sons, who all have the same dream of athletic success, but because of financial reasons, the mother had to choose between the three of them - and only one of them could get a chance to go to competitions.

It's a short story about some young kickboxers, the successes of the club where they are rmembers and train at, and about the Šiljac family from Karlovac.

At first glance, the Šiljac family seems to be nothing out of the ordinary. Mom is doing laundry, and the 3 brothers Davor, Denis and Antonio are watching their idol (Cro Cop) Mirko Filipović with eyes glued on the television, practically in a trance.

Antonio is the youngest of the family, Denis is in the middle, and the eldest brother is Davor. They've been training for four years, which is more than enough for their coach Zoran.....

Their coach Zoran Cicvara says that the brothers are all great kids, and they are always welcome to the kickboxing club.

But to excel and succeed in this sport, training is not enough. You have to gain experience from travelling to various competitions in and outside the country. However, the costs of travelling has to be paid for by the parents, because even though the kickboxing club has numerous acheivments and medals to show, it can't afford to pay for the cost of it's member's travel expenses.

The cost of the travelling is not in the budget for mom Snježana, so she had to make a difficult choice. She had to pick only 1 of her 3 sons who would be able to travel to kickboxing competitions. Because he had the most medals, Denis was the lucky one.

The olderst son Davor Šiljac said that his trainer always tells him that if he trains hard and has excellent results, he may be able to travel to the competitions. Finally after having several excellent results in a row, Davor was able to represent the club in a competition being held in Bulgaria.

'He achieved an excellent result, being first in the senior championship of the Balkans, " explained the coach, from the kickboxing club "Tiger" from Karlovac.

So Mirko, being in a good mood, travelled the 40 odd kilometers to visit the family and wanted to show his support and happiness for their successes. It really wasn't a difficult thing to do, he said. In the video you can see the surprised reaction of the family when Mirko walks into their home to show his support.

...This isn't the first time that (Cro-Cop) Mirko Filipović has gone out of his way to show support to those he feels who's spirits would be lifted with a visit, by far. Here's a similar piece from 2007 when at the invitation of Mirko, Jean Claude Van Damme came to Croatia and accompanied Mirko in visiting sick children at a hospital in Zagreb. Jean Claude was in Croatia for a few days.


In case you may not be familiar with Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipović, here's a short vid.

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