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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Croatia To Co-Host Euro 2020?


Well, this news item came out today and caught my attention. It's still too early to get all excited, but I like the idea but will it happen though is another story. In a nutshell, some Slovenian politicians have proposed for the 2020 European Soccer Championships to be co-hosted by 3 countries. Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. Croatia put forward an impressive bid along with Hungary to host the 2012 Euros, but that edition will be played in the co-host countries of Poland and Ukraine.

The Slovenians state that all three countries are in a strategic location that gravitates Italians, Austrians, Swiss, Central European and Western Balkan countries. They think that this proposition is a very realistic choice. I personally like the idea.  From that area of Europe so many countries are just an hour on the plane away.  However, like I said, it's still very early and they still have to contend with the bid from Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, which is a 4 country co-host bid.

They even made up the Euro2020 logo already and wore the new jersies.

According to their calculations, the 2020 Euro matches would be played in eight stadiums, two in Slovenia, in Ljubljana and Maribor. Croatia would host matches  in Zagreb, Split and Rijeka, and Italy would have matches  played in  Trieste, Udine and Padua.

M.P. Matevz Frangež  pointed out that besides the high cost of organizing the games, they should view the earnings which the championships could produce, the earnings from the 2012 Euro's co-hosted by Austria and Switzerland amounted to 250 million Euros. In addition, the 3 countries would get a lot of positive things such as planning of roads, railways, and of course the increased number of tourists. I'm interested to know how this bid is going to work out.

Lawmakers are proposing the establishment of a working group in the next six months to further investigate the possibility of the 3 country bid and make contact with Italian and Croatian partners.

Staying on the theme of the Euro's, here is a video presentation that Croatia and Hungary put forward with their bid for the 2012 European Championships. It would have been a pretty cool.

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