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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

12th Annual Motovun Film Festival and President Josipović Get a Monty Python Blessing


This is an amusing piece of news. The 12th edition of the Motovun Film Festival, which is located in the small hillside village of Motovun in the Istra peninsula region of Croatia, had a special guest take part of the closing ceremonies just a few days ago. Terry Jones, who is probably best known for being a part of that comedy troupe from the U.K known as 'Monty Pythons Flying Circus' portrayed the role of a bishop and gave his blessing to the audience in attendance and to recently elected President of Croatia, Ivo Josipović, who was also in attendance for the ceremonies. That is witty, hilarious and totally Monty Pythonesque.

Anyway, I briefly touched upon previously about the Motovun Film Festival on my blog HERE, so I'm not going to get too into it here. Long story short, it was a total success, everyone had a great time and watched many good films, awards were handed out and plans are already underway for the 13th edition. More information including photos, and videos can be found at the Official Motovun Film Festival website at:

Some footage from the closing ceremonies, and of Bishop Terry Jones giving his blessings.


Motovun Film Festival is event of films made by small cinematographies and independent productions. It is a 5 day film festival in which films being shown from morning until late in the night; during the day in theatres and outdoor during the evening.

Program of the festival cover around 70 titles from documentaries, shorts and long films from all over the world. The criteria of the film selection are that they need to fit in the open-minded atmosphere of the Motovun festival.

President Ivo Josipović and the audience toasting Terry with some rakija. (Rakija is a Croatian alcoholic beverage distilled from plums, grapes or other fruits)

Motovun Film Festival started in 1999, and has since become very popular among Croatian young people. Because of the popularity of the festival and limited accommodation in this beautiful hilly town, every year during the festival a Festival camp is organized on the foothills of Motovun, where everybody for a very small fee can put up a tent. The Festival camp is very popular by youngest visitors.

Today the Motovun Film Festival has become one of the most popular and important film festivals in Croatia and surrounding area.

Some behind the scenes footage of preparations for the opening of the Motovun Film Festival.

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