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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Hajduk Split Advances to Europa League 4th Round With Amazing 3-0 Win

I had a chance to catch some of this game today and decided to post this. Hajduk Split is one of my favorite teams in the Croatian Prva Liga and I had an opportunity to watch them play in Poljud Stadium, so this is kind of a special addition for me. (For the Dinamo Zagreb fans out there, since I'm  currently not in Croatia, I'm allowed to like them both)  Anyway, it wasn't so much that Hajduk Split won, but the way and circumstances that they won.  In a nutshell, The 'Bili' were already down 3 goals to 1 after their lacklustre performance in  Romania last week against Dinamo Bucharest. The winner of the 2 match aggregate advancing to the 4th round of the Europa Leaague playoffs.

Being down 3 goals to 1 in a home and away series in soccer is sort of like being down 3 games to 0 and and needing 2 goals in the 3rd period in the 4th game of a 7 game series in hockey. The cards are definitely stacked against you and it's easy to just show up and go through the motions, or at least try to make it interesting.  But the Hajduk Split fans were the 12th man/player in this one.  These fans just didn't give up, or more importantly, didn't  let the Hajduk players give up.  30,000 Hajduk fans gave it all they had even before  the opening whistle and that was just the motiviating factor that the Hajduk players needed.  End result, a 3-0 victory and advancement to the 4th round of the Europa League playoffs.

A breakdown of events after the match from the 
HNK Hajduk Split channel Hajduk TV

I don't post many soccer related posts here because there are plenty of sites on the internet that specialize in following the Croatian national team and the domestic 'Prva Liga'', ( Croatian First League). I'm not conjecturing on how they will do with their next opponent, or how far I think they will advance, but rather I just wanted to make an addition that shows when you have the support and undying loyalty of your fans, anything is possible. Either way, I'm sure that right now (I mean exactly right now, as I'm writing this) there's lots of partying, cold beers flowing and hot babes in Split bars, cafes and walkways talking about this one. 

For more about the game and other Croatain soccer news in English, click onto:

Or if you can read Croatian, visit the official Hajduk Split website at:

Highlights of todays Europa Liga match in Split, Croatia


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