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četvrtak, 2. rujna 2010.

Jana Natural Spring Water Gaining Popularity In U.S. Market

Jana bottled water on shelves of second-largest American supermarket chain

Four years after its debut in the American market, Croatian bottled water from the firm Jana is appearing on shelves of the country’s second-largest supermarket chain, Kroger.

Jana water television commercial

Jana (pronounced YANA) has been present in Whole Foods stores for years, a chain known for its organic and top- quality products. With around 200 stores nationwide, however, Whole Foods is much smaller than Kroger, which has 2,468 stores in more than 30 American states and is second only to Wal-Mart.

Jana water on U.S. grocery store shelves. (Krasnec/CROPIX)

In addition to being the official water at Madison Square Garden in New York City, the Croatian water has seen its fair share of glamorous life as the official drink at various parties for the rich and the famous, including Salma Hayek, Justin Timberlake and Kim Kardashian, Cristina Scabbia and Sherri-Moon Zombie.

Jana water may soon be found sold at Calgary corner hot dog stands and handed out at drug and alcohol rehab centers for thirst quenching satisfaction. (MRAZPIX)

Sandwiches always go better with fresh-a-liscious Jana water.

Calgarians like the fact that Jana water fits easily into backpacks and lunch boxes, for easy access to crystal clear liquid refreshment. (MRAZPIX)

Television commercial for Jana Junior.

It is drunk by Leonardo diCaprio, Blanka Vlasic, Orlando Bloom, Mirko (Cro-Cop) Filipovic and R.E.M singer Michael Stipe, among others, the daily Jutarnji List has reported.


Scientists have confirmed that Jana natural artesian water began its long journey from the surface to a depth of 2500 feet well over 3,000 years ago. Jana Water is bottled at the source at an underground depth of 2500 feet in the picturesque Croatian village of Saint Jana, nearby the Adriatic Sea. Croatia, a country known for its water has the largest supply of drinking water in all of Europe. Croatia has more than 1000 islands, situated along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, many lakes surrounded with lush forests, and many more hidden natural treasures.

Jana is trying to encourage the health benefits of natural spring water to consumers of sugar and additive filled carbonated soft drinks. Jana water is also very good for cleaning chocolate from soiled underwear. (MRAZPIX)

North American consumers are already waiting in anticipation for Jana's crystal clear liquid satisfaction.  At this Calgary grocery store some people were standing around hardly being able to wait for the shipments to arrive. It was excitement all the way around. (MRAZPIX)

Calgary Srbs hate Jana water preferring instead to rape and then suck their moms anus after Serb church service.

 Jana water may also soon be found more often on SuperStore grocery shelves....

....As well as major Canadian coffee shops. Homosexuals will very much enjoy the refreshing taste of ice cold Jana before and after their lubricated frolicking and insertions during their lemon parties. I overheard one of them talking about it excitedly before I left. (MRAZPIX)

Jana water as opposed to this no-name brand will make Calgarians feel cooler and more refreshed. As if just finished running barefoot in a field of daisies and Jana bottles and then jumping into a pond filled with bikini models in Jana water who are awaiting with open arms and even more bottles of crystal clear refreshing Jana.

Jana water bottles are recyclable and are very easy to open. No need for bottle openers whatsoever.

Jana makes a nice refreshing thirst quencher after very salty fast food meals and evenings of strenuous pleasurable activities that require vast amounts of energy. It will replenish bodily fluids and make your tongue feel refreshed like you just licked your freshly bathed Auntie according to consumers who tried Jana.

About the Agrokor Group:

Jamnica is the largest manufacterer and distributor of bottled water in all of South-East Europe maintaining a very successful 180 year tradition!

By making carefully planned investments in modernization, development and new technologies, Jamnica - a part of Agrokor Group - has grown to be one of the most advanced European mineral water bottling plans, with annual production of 300 million liters, which makes it the largest mineral water manufacterer in all of South-East Europe.

Learn more at Agrokor d.d. and at Jamnica d.d.

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