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Monday, 6 September 2010

Serbs In Shock: Their Children Are Now Also Speaking Croatian Because Of Cartoons



Since the 19th century the Srb Cyrillic alphabet was transformed on the basis of the Croatian system including the very important "H" sound, now their children are using Croatian vocabulary and alphabet and the "H" sound.

Pepeljuga (Cinderella) in Croatian.

Well, this one is kind of interesting. I'm curious to read over the next  while what Serbs who come on Croatian  online news portals and elsewhere will have to say about this. (You know, I mean after they make their comments about how jealous we are of them, wish we were Serb, can't live without them, everyone wants to be a Serb, how we never existed, Serbs are the best and all that, know....going on the Croatian sites with serb chetnik and nationalistic avatars, going onto Croatian sites and saying how we don't exist, all Europeans are Serbs, all Slavs are serbs, Swedes, Greeks, Russians, Iranians, Japanese, Chinese you name it, serbian universe. 10,000 year old serbs tribes from Mesopotamia, Moses was a serb, and on and on. (LOL! not kidding See Here)  It's one thing for Serbs to be using the Croatian Latin script alphabet, (Because a large segment of them don't even understand how to read or write in the serbian national cyrillic script which was made for them anyway) but are still continuing to use Croatian words even these days, as well as the Croatian Latin script alphabet, which is bases on centuries of Croatian literary history...and Latin script Afterall these centuries, the Croatian language and alphabet(dictionary/grammar/lexicographical/orthographic etc as well) continuum just keeps on rolling. More on this particular topic at, but I also recommend for much more illuminating info about the earliest history of the Croatian people and nation, which contributed to our literary history.

 ....Anyway.....children's cartoons that are being sold in Serbian video stores and at street stands are shocking the local public because 90% of them are dubbed in the Croatian language.  Parents are concerned because their children are "speaking the wrong language" and using foreign Croatian words and bathing more often. Their children are starting to use words like.. tijekom, nazočno, odjenuto, vjetrovito, tjedan, glazba, uhititi, kolodvor. Particularly upset was 'Press' reader Djordje Popovic from Belgrade, who contacted them and told them his 4 year old son was calling him 'tatek', and for the word week, was using 'tjedan' instead of 'sedmica.  He says he's not a nationalist, but that children should learn how to speak their 'mother tongue' of Serbian, and not that foreign Croatian language.  He's critical of the government that they haven't addressed this issue yet.

Croatian DVD of Crvenkapica (Little Red Riding Hood)

Reporters for Press discovered that most of the cartoons come from Croatia, and they're concerned that, for example, in the story of Little Red Riding Hood,(Crvenkapica), the grandmother takes the 'škare'(scissors) instead of taking the 'makaze' to attack the wolf. Aleksandar Popovic, director of marketing in a distribution house, said the possible reason is because re-dubbing would be expensive, from eight to 15 euros per minute. He doesn't consider it to be an example of 'choking the Serbian language. (Note-subtitles are in Croatian and written in the Latin script based  Croatian alphabet)

Croatian orange, carrot (mrkva) and lemon drink.

Serbian carrot (sargarepa) juice refreshment drink, that is also using the Croatian alphabet instead of the official Serb cyrillic.

Croatian packaged carrots and peas.

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