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četvrtak, 28. listopada 2010.

Dinamo Zagreb Order Foreign Players To Learn Croatian

Not particularly earth shattering news, but this item deserved to to be quickly mentioned on my blog I think.  It makes total sense to me after all, I'm just curious why they didn't do something similar much earlier. Afterall, one should take an interest at least, if not desire to be conversational or fairly fluent in the Croatian language, able to read and write Croatian also. It is the country they're making their living in afterall.  Just because many Croatians in Croatia can converse in and have a basic understanding of English, and even other languages, it doesn't mean it should be taken for granted that only English needs to be learned. Oh, they'll just adapt to me sort of outlook, or "I'm already wearing a Croatian team jersey and can order a beer in Croatia, I'm practically Croatian already."

I discussed this with some people last summer in my time spent in Zagreb. One fellow was even an employee of a Zagreb based internet news portal, which at the time was named Anyway, even he mentioned that people getting their paycheques in Croatia should know how to say more than just Hello, Thank you, and Good-bye in Croatian, and maybe a few other words or phrases. That's the view from here....

Zagreb Dinamo official website:


ZAGREB, Oct 27 (Reuters) - Croatian champions Dinamo Zagreb will introduce mandatory Croatian language lessons for the growing corps of its foreign players, the club said on Wednesday.

Dinamo have 12 foreigners in the squad -- from Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Cameroon, Chile, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Montenegro.

"We're now a club with a considerable number of foreign players and, following the example of major European clubs, we have decided to introduce obligatory Croatian lessons in any future contracts with the players," Dinamo spokeswoman Morana Durcevic said.

Durcevic said it had yet to be decided how long the lessons will take and whether there would be any sanctions if the players failed to meet their obligation.

Dinamo top the Croatian league with 29 points after 12 matches, four points clear of second-placed rivals Hajduk Split.

(Reporting by Igor Ilic; Editing by Neil Maidment)

For example here is a Croatian version of "We Will Rock You"

....When you get to Croatia, you will easily and quickly learn the vernacular.

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