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nedjelja, 21. studenoga 2010.

Blanka Vlasic Named Best Female Athlete In The World

Great news out of Monte Carlo today. Blanka just doesn't seem to stay out of the sporting world news for very long these days. The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) awarded her a nifty $100,000 for her hard work and accomplishments this year and the native of Split, Croatia was ecstatic. Vlasic, twice a world champion in the high jump, added a second world indoor title to her collection this year, was unbeaten in seven Samsung Diamond League competitions and also took the IAAF/ VTB Bank Continental Cup in her hometown of Split.

This chick just keeps on rolling. The only thing missing is a world high jump record which is just within her grasp. She's come close a few times and I have a feeling that accomplishment will be just around the corner. I've already posted a few additions about Blanka, Here, Here, Here and Here, but this one got a thumbs up from me too. Congratulations! You can also keep tabs on what's going on with Blanka, as well as read her blog on her offical website at:



Footage of Blanka winning gold at the European Championships in Barcelona, Spain, earlier this year.

A cool short commercial Blanka did for adidas that I just felt like throwing in.

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