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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Croatia To Increase Number Of Soldiers In Afghanistan...Italian Journalist Claims NATO Deposits Toxic Waste Along Adriatic

Well, I've already let it be known how I feel about this whole Afghanistan war thing. As a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, I basically share the same view when it comes to Croatian soldiers serving there as Canadian ones. In a nutshell, I feel the best way to support the soldiers is to not send them in the first place. As in no body bags coming back. Not by putting bumper stickers on your car and feeling like you're making a difference and having a warm fuzzy feeling inside because of it.  To me a bumper sticker that reads "I support our troops" is just too generalized of a statement. A flaky and almost neutral statement. Like saying "I support breathing", or putting soldiers in a chaotic wacked out den of lions, bears and other carnivorous animals, then walking away and putting a bumper sticker on your car. Now, maybe that's a bit of an over simplification, but it gets my point across I think. (Think about it, How about maybe, "Lets make them fucking Talibans eat hot fucking lead")

Why you may ask? Well, because to me, this whole foray into Afghanistan was hastily ill-conceived to begin with. The Soviets found that out as well back in the 80's. (the Soviets were battling the same people, who were armed by America at the time, strange but true. It's a swirling vortex of irony) The whole premise behind NATO troops being there are suspect to me. There were no clear realistic objectives or advanced long term planning. Everything is being played out by ear so to speak. A new strategy/objective/plan everytime you hear a news bite. It's been 9 years since troops started being sent there, and the situation frankly is as bad as it's ever been. You can't fight ingrained religious fundamentalism with just bullets and maybe nike sneakers and a plentiful selection of dvd's, mouthwash or newsboy caps.

You're not going to in a short time change a country with a 2000 year old mentality into a functioning modern, democratic, and self-sufficient nation with human rights, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, sexy women volleyball players and humanistic principals. The amount of capital and resources being spent there are enormous, with only lot's of body bags to show for it. I feel Croatian soldiers have no business being there, even if the amount of troops and equipment is less than some countries, it's still quite an expensive undertaking and the putting of Croatian's lives in danger for something that is ill-planned, wishy-washy and really not in Croatia's best interest. Added to that is the almost non-inclusion of neighbouring countries in willingness to commit troops and resources, and the flip-flopping attitude of Afghanistan's President since 2004, who lately has even been threatening to join the Taliban. Frankly, it just seems like one really big mess to me. Add to that stories about condoned rapes and the opium/heroin production and poppy seed harvests, and it makes you scratch your head and say wtf?

Then some of the news items that have come out over the last few years, with American ships docking for washdowns near Split, Croatia, which were coming back from various non-Afghanistan related missions, and then things like the related piece I added below, just add more food for thought about the Afghanistan war situation. I mean, we have enough problems with more closer to home battles that will need attention and resources. That's a brief synopsis of my point of view. (A view shared by the host of the Conspiracy Theory program, and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura I might add.)

A Croatian Air Force pilot.





Croatian Times

Croatia will increase the number of its soldier’s in the NATO-led ISAF mission in Afghanistan from the current 319 to 350 next year, President Ivo Josipovic said at the NATO summit held this past Friday and Saturday in Lisbon.

Croatian soldiers in Afghanistan during the winter months.

NATO partner units will be starting to withdraw from Afghanistan next year, and the maintenance of security will be handed over to the Afghani troops. Up until now some 150,000 Afghani soldiers and policemen have been trained, with those numbers expected to double in 2011. With this increase, the Croatians would take over the main role in training the Afghani military force, Josipovic said.

"That is an additional expense, but the benefit for Croatia will be greater because we will prove ourselves as a leading country," Josipovic said. That would open doors for economic cooperation.

The Croatian government and the head of state Josipovic have already approved the increase in Croatian instructors in the field, and the decision is now awaiting Parliament’s confirmation.

 Croatian President Ivo Josipovic, arriving at a recent NATO Summit of Heads of States and Government.

Croatian troops in Afghanistan

A short 3 part documentary and closer look at Croatian soldiers and their work in Afghanistan from 2008. (In Croatian)



As part of the summit, Josipovic attended the meeting of the Adriatic Group (A-5) composed of NATO members Albania, Croatia, the candidate Macedonia and two partner countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The five countries agreed to model joint instructor teams for Afghanistan under Croatia’s command, the daily Vecernji List writes.

 Female Croatian soldiers in training before leaving for Afghanistan.  Many are capable of putting a hole in a fucko's head from 100 meters. Many more images of Croatian women in the Croatian Armed Forces HERE.

 Croatian soldiers patrolling in Afghanistan.

Croatian soldiers during training before preparing to depart for Afghanistan.

Footage of Croatian troops departing for their mission in Afghanistan from earlier this year. Video source: (In English) 

One commercial from a Croatian Military recruitment campaign.

It's also never a bad time for a quick stroll down memory lane, in this case just shortly after the defeat of Serb terrorists and the liberation of previously ethnically cleansed and occupied Croatia.

*Updated December 20- I may possibly have been proven wrong about this war and all the statistics that are involved. With American public opinion for ending the Afghanistan mess currently at over 60%, after today's news of another Canadian soldier death, bringing the total so far to 154, (which came and went in the news pretty quick, briefly mentioned between some baseball trade and Beiber rumours and rumours of that Snoop Doggy Doo is maybe changing his name again) after massive amounts of capital, resources and plenty of soldiers lives ended and many more in danger, I think we now see progress and the fruition of NATO's plans regarding the 9 year foray into Afghanistan. We now can boast of real accomplishments, change, progress and even possible victory just around the corner. Why? Because now we can boast of.....(Ta-Da!)...Afghanistan Oprah. (It's great to see that maybe it was all worth it afterall. I'm very much looking forward to see what the book of the month picks are going to be, and of course which celebrities will be the guests, juicy Afghan celebrity gossip etc...."Mustafa let me drive and then we went out to the rock of El-Hashwaneh and...he unfurled my cloak and kissed me"....audience gasps. Coming up next.....Afghanistan Jerry Springer? )

Italian journalist claims NATO deposits toxic waste along Adriatic


Croatian Times

NATO is disposing of bombs and missiles in the Adriatic sea, with toxic waste potentially reaching Croatian and Italian shores, an Italian journalist has warned.

Gianni Lannes claims that NATO and the Italian government are not telling the truth when claiming that these materials - bombs and missiles not used during military missions - are deposited in six pre-determined zones. Lannes says that in reality, there are 24 such zones which lie not only in international waters but also within Croatian and Italian state borders.

The waters of the Croatian coast along the Adriatic Sea

These zones span the Adriatic from Trieste in the north to Santa Maria di Leuce in the south.

The article warns of the existence of a large arsenal just fifty miles from Istrian shores. World War II bombs and bombs used by NATO during the bombing of Serbia and the Serbian taliban in 1991 are said to have been deposited there.

Coastline along the city of Split, Croatia.

The concentration of mustard gas, phosphorus and other poisonous chemicals is frightening, Lannes warns. He calls the deposits "mobile arsenals of death" as they are susceptible to water currents.

Italy has recently noted a large number of turtle and dolphin deaths. The Italian state agency Icram - which has been monitoring the phenomenon – says that many of the carcasses found contain burns and deep wounds.

Lanne’s book based on his investigations is coming out soon, the daily Jutarnji List writes.

 Croatia's Adriatic coast at night.

 The waters of the Adriatic at Baška on the island of Krk.

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