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ponedjeljak, 29. studenoga 2010.

First Croatian Automobile Factory On The Way

This is interesting news, a possible future Croatian electric automobile industry. I posted previously more indepth about the DOK-ING XD HERE,  where I delve more into the the spec's and left more links to check out.  It seems the pieces are falling into place for the production of Croatia's first eco-friendly automobile. It's taking a bit of time to acquire funds and investment, especially during this current economic crisis, but in the end it will totally be worth it. Like I mentioned on my previous addition also, it's not a bad first attempt. The designs and specs will only improve over time. (I came across some comments on the internet that it was implied that this was a Serbian undertaking, but rest assured, it is 100% owned and operated and designed in and by Croatians) You can also visit the official website of the XD Concept car at:


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The mastermind behind the first Croatian electric car will soon embark on the construction of Croatia’s first car manufacturing factory.

Vjekoslav Majetic is currently in the final stages of negotiations with a foreign investor, after which he will disclose the details of the new factory to the public. He had said earlier that some 150 to 200 million Euros were needed to start up the serial production of the electrical car XD.

The factory is expected to release its first car by May 2012, the portal Business writes.

The company has chosen the Sibenik Podi trade area as the site to build the future factory since it fulfils the "zero CO2" conditions.

 Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, at a recent promotion of the DOK-ING urban electric car.

"Since we are in the business of making ecologically clean cars, it would be senseless to link some industrial zone that pollutes the environment to such a product," the Dok-ing Automotiv Director Tomislav Bosko has said.

Mr Igor Jurić, the man and brains behind the designs, has already come up with plans for future roadster models as well.

"There are already renewable sources of energy in Podi – for example, windmills," Bosko said, adding that it is this kind of a background that will make their product recognizable on the market.

A sneak peak at the latest topless version of the XD. Perfect for trips to get away from the fucktards and go to the beach.

I thought I'd throw in this one too, I find it amusing how you can hear the birds in the background in comparison to the quietness of the car.

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