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Saturday, 27 November 2010

MasterChef Croatia To Be Aired Soon...Do You Have What It Takes?

This is kind of interesting, to me anyway. I went to a culinary/chef school in the past and did a stint in the food service industry. I don't watch much tv at all these days, (much too busy, too many channels of crap too) but I did enjoy watching Chef Gordon Ramsay's 'Hells Kitchen' when I got the chance. This show is a Croatian take on his new television series of the same name, which is having local versions produced around the world as well. In this case named MasterChef Hrvatska. (MasterChef Croatia)

I'll try to catch some episodes if I get a chance, and it may be of interest to others too. You can find out more at Nova TV which is the source of the text below....

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About MasterChef

All who have ever enjoyed the art and tastes of gastronomy from afar now have a unique opportunity to apply for the most creative reality show of all time, to go into the kitchen as well as get out of it as the first Croatian Masterchef program will be broadcast soon on Nova TV.

Young and old, parents and students, careerists and housewives, athletes and workers of various interests and from many professions are invited to participate in a unique TV kitchen, an invite to all who have a passion to prepare simple meals and enjoy translating the art of preparing food.  All cooks and gourmets who have a talent and love for food, are committed to perfection, power and personal growth can apply for a new TV show that gives them the opportunity to develop cooking skills in a rhapsody of gastronomy. In this culinary adventure, under the supervision of professional chefs and with their own creativity, you will change your life, but also opinions to food and food preparation of Croatian viewers. An expert jury composed of the best culinary experts and critics to the competitors who have no professional experience whatsover, will shape their culinary creations by the advice of top and acclaimed experienced professional chefs. We will have new pleasures, tastes, scents and colors that will melt even the most demanding palate and we will convert every spectator into a gourmet.

Out of 1500 hopeful applicants, 100 were chosen to show their skills in an audition. Galerija:

With demanding tasks, racing against time, imaginative use of spicy food and decorating skills, through this fun and thrilling show, creativity will be testing the limits and nerves of candidates and cooking amateurs to develop into a star of restaurants and be a gastronomy connoisseur. Coming from a variety of hopes and wishes - from opening an exclusive restaurant, a family hotel center, a cozy cafe or decadent fragrant pastry shop, Croatian talents will now have the opportunity to realize their culinary dreams.

A sneak preview of the upcoming MasterChef Hrvatska series.

Why sign up?

"It's time to spice up your life, starting from the family table."
"I enjoy it the most when I mix a glass of wine with škampi na buzaru."
"My romantic dinner starts with the pouring of olive oil in a frying pan."
"At work I am unhappy but with the stove making brudet I feel I'm alive. "
"I've always wanted to learn the ancient recipes of my grandmother."
"Ever since she tried my pasta, the girl thinks I look sexy in an apron. "
"For me it all starts with chopping and ričet. The rest is pure fantasy. "
" I love it when she covers it with whipped cream and goes at it like a famished kitty-cat"
"I could dive into the colors of vegetables that stew. "
"Taste, add, smell ... and listen to others while saying' hmmm '. "
"I find after several hours of doing the hanky-panky, nothing hits the spot like a big bowl of fresh Croatian mushroom soup".
"Watching porn is much more exciting with a pohana piletina sendvić"
"Nothing says  I Love You better than a baker's dozen of freshly made pokladnice"

The only requirement for participation in the Masterchef Croatia is that you have a passion for food and an exceptional talent. Contestants must be over 18 years of age, and the person should not be receiving payment from working in food preparation at restaurants, hotels, canteens, bakeries or massage parlours/strip clubs.  Also they may not be an actual professional chef.

The number to call for applications is: +385 060 80 10 10

MasterChef Croatia Trailer.

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