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četvrtak, 30. prosinca 2010.

Biggest "Hajduk Split" Emblem Painted Ever... (So Far)...& Blanka Vlasic Named AIPS World Athlete of the Year

This is just kind of a Croatian sports fan current-events type addition. Something light, airy and neutral before the start of the new year. 'Hajduk Split' are one of the 2 most popular teams in the Croatian Soccer League, and have a rivalry that goes way back with 'Zagreb Dinamo', who hail from Croatia's capital. (I'm a fan of both teams since they both have a long and rich soccer tradition in Croatia, and both cities as well. I'm not fanatical or religious when it comes to sports and even like a few other teams and would have no problem wearing there jerseys as well). I even had an opportunity in July of '09 to visit Split for a short time, and even bought an official jersey and was lucky enough to have caught a soccer match at Poljud Stadium as well.

Anyway, soccer fans from the coastal city of Split decided to paint the largest mural ever of the logo of the teams soccer club, Hajduk Split, on a building. The fans of the team are known to paint murals across the city in homage to, and to show their undying love and loyalty to the city's soccer club, Hajduk Split.

A view of the painting logo against the Split skyline. Source:

The massive logo of the soccer team, which has remained unchanged since the founding of the team, this time takes up the whole front side of the building. A tower of scaffolding was needed to complete the huge painting. It took the fans 50 days to complete the painting of the logo, which also includes the historic Croatian "Grb" (Chequy Coat of Arms) and considering it's size, was a fairly quick undertaking. For fans of Hajduk Split like these, Hajduk are much more than just a soccer team. The team is something that personifies a part of themselves and their identity. They are almost like a religion.

Hajduk Split Mural Timelapse

 Just a few examples of numerous others, maybe thousands of Hajduk Split logo's painted in and around the city. 

A look at the past before a match: Hajduk played Zrinjski Mostar on 13 August 1939, winning 3-2.

Champions of the Croatian Football Federation in the Banovina of Croatia for the 1940-41 season. The Banovina of Croatia was an autonomous territory between 1939-1941 with Zagreb as it's capital. 

 Hajduk Split fans showing support at a home game in Poljud Stadium.

Some images of other Hajduk Split artwork found throughout the city of Split. (The music is the 90's hit 'Ništa Kontra Splita' by deceased Croatian pop singer Dino Dvornik)

February 13th, 2011 will mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the club in a centuries-old pub U Fleků in Prague (then also part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) by a group of students from Split.

Although the official crest will have "19" and "11" on opposite sides of the the central grb to signify the year of the founding of the team,  this version is to be found in many places, especially throughout Split.  There are a few legends as to the meaning of the quotation mark-like lines that are used very often.  One explains that replacing the "9" with "1", thus merges the year of founding as well as giving homage to the four Croatian students. However at their home, Poljud Stadion, the "1911" version is used on the east stand seats, throughout the building as well as on the jerseys. (But that's another topic.) Many great Croatian soccer players, especially one's that have played for the Croatian National Team started their careers with Hajduk. Including current National Team Manager, Slaven Bilić.  More about the interesting history of Hajduk Split can be read here: HERE. Or you can visit the teams official website at

Some footage from a Hajduk soccer match at Poljud Stadium in Split.

The plaque that is found at the pub U Fleku in Prague. This is where four students from the city of Split...... Fabijan Kaliterna, Lucijan Stella, Ivan Šakić and Vjekoslav Ivanišević founded the team. It was officially registered on February 13th, 1911.

Blanka Vlasic Named AIPS World Athlete of the Year

And on the topic of Split, Croatian highjumper and Split native, Blanka Vlasic, was voted by the International Sports Press Association (AIPS), as the Female World Athlete of the Year in Lausanne, Switzerland. (This chicks medals and awards shelf must be getting pretty packed by now) She shares the honours with Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal who took the Men's category. Blanka was also very recently awarded Croatia's Best Female Athlete, sharing the honors with skier Ivica Kostelic taking the Mens award. Hmmm? I wonder if she's a Hajduk Split fan?






World No. 1 tennis player Rafael Nadal of Spain and Croatia's high jump queen Blanka Vlasic have been named by the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) as the best male and female athletes of the year. Nadal, the winner of three Grand Slam tournaments this year, had a narrow victory by 63 votes over Lionel Messi, an Argentinean national football team star and Barcelona forward. Nadal's compatriot Andres Iniesta, a player for the Spanish national football team, received third place in the list of the best athletes.

This year, Vlasic became the World Champion for the second time in her career as well as grabbed the title of the European Champion. She had a confident victory in the poll having left behind with over 200 votes Lindsey Vonn of the United States, who won the 2010 Vancouver Olympics gold in downhill. Belgium's tennis star and former World No. 1 Kim Klijsters received the third most number of votes for the best female athlete of the year. AIPS voting for the best athletes of the year is an annual event and involved this year 515 sports journalists from 93 countries.

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